Are You Making This Common Mistake when Growing Your Spinach?

Discover the best tips for sowing spinach in October, including matching your planting strategy with the moon phase, choosing spinach varieties that thrive in this season, and following the right planting steps.

Moon Phase and Planting Dates

In October 2023, the ideal time to sow spinach in accordance with the lunar cycle is during the ascending moon phase. Particularly, the first five days of the month, and the period between the 20th and 31st are suitable. Steer clear of activities on the 26th and 28th since the lunar perigee and ascending node on these dates, respectively, have the potential to have an adverse impact on taste and the overall sowing process.

Choosing the Correct Spinach Variety

Not all spinach varieties are created equal when it comes to their ideal growth periods. For instance, the spinach variety can be sown during for a harvest in early spring. This process can be repeated at the end of winter for a late spring harvest. The ‘Géant d'hiver', a variety known for its cold resistance, is commonly cultivated in France.

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Benefits of Sowing Before Winter

Planting before the onset of rigorous winter weather allows for ample time for germination and leaf growth. This leads to mature that are more resilient and able to endure the winter season.

How to Sow Winter Spinach

  • Pick a suitable date in autumn for sowing.
  • Choose a semi-shade spot, clear it of weeds and make sure it's level.
  • Enrich the by adding compost or an appropriate fertilizer to ensure a nutrient-rich, well-drained environment.
  • Sow the seeds in rows, with a distance of 2cm between each seed and 30cm between each row.
  • Cover the seeds with soil and water them to facilitate germination.
  • Keep the soil damp, but avoid flooding it during the germination period.
  • When the plants reach a height of 8cm, thin them out.
  • Adding a layer of mulch can be advantageous.
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