Autumn Planting: Discover the Thriving Plants of This Season!

presents the perfect conditions for planting and propagating a variety of flora, especially , shrubs, and aromatic .

The season's inherently warm and gentle sunlight offer the ideal nurturing environment for fledgling plants. In climates that allow, planting can commence in the early days of October.

Aromatic Plants: Beauty and Benefits

Aromatic plants accomplish much more than adding visual allure to gardens. These plants are also known for their potential health contributions.

Shade-Loving Aromatic Plants

Some aromatic plants prefer the cool, subdued light of shaded spaces. Parsley, for instance, thrives in light soil and can be planted up until the end of October. To boost its growth, cover the soil with sand before sowing, and add humus or compost afterwards.

Another shade-friendly aromatic plant is mint, which can comfortably be planted up until mid-November.

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Aromatic Plants for Sunny Spots

On the opposite end of the spectrum are aromatic plants that bask in the full glory of the sun. Coriander, resilient to the cold , thrives in rich, moist soil. Likewise, sorrel, a perennial plant, has an impressive cold tolerance and can be planted from the onset of March through to autumn's end.

Lemon balm, a plant requiring ample sunlight, prefers slightly acidic soil to grow in.

Planting Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure soil stability post-planting.
  • Mulch your plants to prepare them for winter.
  • Use plant roots or creeping stems for propagation.
  • Select an open, yet wind-shielded site for sun-loving plants.
  • Water your plants regularly.
  • To propagate, separate plant root systems.
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