Discover 2024’s Top Wallpaper Trends for Tranquil Bedrooms

Discover what's hot in wallpaper trends for a chic and restful cocooning bedroom in 2024.

Wallpaper plays an integral part in the decor of a cocooning bedroom, bringing in a sense of tranquillity, warmth and solace. The essence of this decor theme revolves around neutral and soft hues, paired with enveloping materials to create a relaxing aura. In the year 2024, the dominantly trending wallpaper designs for such a setting feature vegetable prints, breathtaking landscapes, circa patterns, and more.

Color Trends

The color palette for a cocooning bedroom focuses on neutral tones, with beige, brown, and pastel pink being the favorites. However, the color peach is stealing the show in 2024, introducing a sentiment of comfort and positive energy into the bedroom. Panoramic wallpaper designs in the colors white and grey are also in vogue, ushering in a balanced and comforting ambiance.

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Wallpaper Designs

The designs adorning wallpapers in 2024 range from small floral prints, classic patterns like stripes, tartan and chintz English to graphic patterns. The small floral prints aim to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere while visually enhancing the space. Classic patterns are staging a comeback while large pattern wallpapers are gaining favor for their unique personality and the minimal decoration effort they require. These large patterns are high in demand for enhancing smaller spaces or rooms with unconventional dimensions. Graphic patterns continue to hold their ground for the warm finish they lend to any space.

Ceiling Installation & Style Combos

A standout trend of 2024 is the installation of wallpaper on the ceiling. This out-of-the-box decision introduces a new dynamic to room decor. Further, blending styles is highly recommended for a unique finish. A zen and welcoming bedroom can be achieved with a gray-green paint effect wallpaper. Striped wallpapers, particularly the ones with wavy stripes are in trend too, adding a relaxing ambiance to the room.

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Veggie & Retro Prints

The vegetable patterns in wallpaper designs are seen to be adding a relaxing and serene atmosphere in the bedrooms. In addition, retro rural landscape wallpapers are also popular, adding a traditional and enveloping component to the room decor.

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