Discover the Surprising Nail Trends Dominating 2024!

Delve into the exciting world of the latest that have kicked off 2024 with . From sassy shapes to vibrant colors and intriguing inspirations, here is everything you need to know.

Shapes Setting the Trend

Going strong this year are the almond and short square nail shapes. These two forms have captured the hearts of many, marking their place in the list of most popular trends this year.

Colors in Spotlight

Blue, red, and nude nail colors have taken center stage in 2024. Here, we delve into each of these hues and their various interpretations.


Fashionistas are seen sporting multiple shades of blue, ranging from sky blue to navy. Some noteworthy examples include a French manicure in blue tones, minimalist nail art with sky blue accents, as well as full nails in sky blue and dark blue.

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Red nail color has managed to hold its ground even after the holiday season, demonstrating its perennial popularity. Classic red nails and burgundy mixed with pastel pink and glitter are some ways this shade is being used to create visual intrigue.


The natural base manicure is holding its position of a top nail trend in nude color. Ideas for achieving this look include barely visible manicures and short square nails with metallic , as well as a chrome effect on a pastel pink base.

Inspiration: More Than Just Colors

Nail art in 2024 is not just about colors. Multiple inspirations, from French chrome gold nails to animal prints, are also shaping the trends. For instance, leopard print has emerged as a key pattern in animal print-inspired nail art.

Additionally, the blush nails technique, which mimics the reddening of cheeks in cold weather, is gaining popularity. Other trendy inspirations include fairy blue nails with blue polish, chrome effect, and 3D metallic embellishments, and gradient nails in pink and blue.

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There's also an intriguing touch of green nail art enhanced with contrasting tones and a golden glamour touch. The nude manicure gets an upgrade with gold glitter embellishments, and the gentle touch of a milky white manicure continues to captivate.

Specific themes are also playing a prominent role, like Valentine's themed manicure in red and nude with small love patterns, and minimalist romantic nail art with a natural base and small silver accents. Undeniably, 2024 is off to a creative start in the world of nail trends.

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