Fillmore Central hosted its graduation ceremonies on Sunday, May 25, for the class of 2014. A total of 41 students turned their tassels and said goodbye to high school with a bit of nostalgia and a lot of local support and encouragement, including the members of the class who were awarded with local scholarships.

In addition to recognizing the scholarship winners, class officers and honor students were also honored.

The senior class officers included President Alex Fishbaugher, Vice-president Keeley Todd, Secretary Sydnie Huffman and Treasurer Sarah Reicks.

Highest honor students, achieving a grade point average of 3.75 and higher, were Samantha Grabau, Logan Masters, Nicholas Powell, Sarah Reicks, Lindsey Weiss and Danielle Zinsmaster.

Honor students, earning a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.74, were Collin Bennett, Alex Fishbaugher, Thomas Henry, Sydnie Huffman, Andrew Love, Jesse Nelson, Victoria Peterson, Nicole Sebastian and Keeley Todd.

Members of the National Honor Society are Dylan Birch, Alex Fishbaugher, Andrew Love, Logan Masters, Jesse Nelson, Victoria Peterson, Nicholas Powell, Sarah Reicks, Nicole Sebastian, Keeley Todd, Lindsey Weiss and Danielle Zinsmaster.

The local scholarships were presented at a special ceremony on Monday, May19, and were noted during the graduation ceremony.

Fillmore Central Scholarship Foundation: $500 was awarded to Jesse Nelson, donated by Harmony Telephone Company; Logan Masters, in memory of Gregory Love; Lindsey Weiss, in memory of Earl Mensink; Nicholas Powell, in memory of Waldo Bunge; Andrew Love, in memory of Richard W. Mensink; Sarah Reicks, in memory of Bernice and Richard Nelson; Collin Bennett, from Preston Village Community Chest; Danielle Zinsmaster, from the Preston-Fountain Class of 1974 in memory of Marion Klockman Draeger and Randy Dornink. College sophomore Zachary Olstad received a $1,000 award for the Leland C. Heusinkveld Memorial. This is the third year in a four-consecutive-year scholarship.

Farmers Shipping Association of Harmony: Andrew Love and John Ostrom each received $500.

Jeff Ryland Memorial: Kayley Olson received $1,000.

Harmony Area Promotional Association ~ Miss Harmony Scholarship: Miss Harmony Sarah Reicks received $500; First Attendant Victoria Peterson received $300; Second Attendant Sydnie Huffman received $200.

POET: $500 scholarships were awarded to Taylor Case, Andrew Love, Victoria Peterson and Sarah Reicks.

The Wayne and Jeannine Hoag Memorial: Andrew Love received $500.

Harmony Community Healthcare Foundation: Sarah Reicks and Dylan Birch each received a $500 scholarship.

Robert F. Jackson Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Powell and Keeley Todd each received $1,000.

Rick McCabe Scholarship: Andrew Love received $500.

Bloomfield Mutual Insurance Company: Lindsey Weiss received $1,000.

Wildlife and Habitat of Fillmore County: John Ostrom and Dylan Birch each received $500.

Pepsi Scholarship: Danielle Zinsmaster received $500.

Morris Titrud Scholarship: Andrew Love received $500.

Root River Antique Historical Power Association: Cody Erickson received a $500 scholarship.

The Sethre Scholarship: Sydnie Huffman and Danielle Zinsmaster each received $2,000 and college sophomore Zachary Olstad received a renewal of $2,000.

Preston Lions Club: Receiving $300 each were Collin Bennett, Nicole Sebastian and Danielle Zinsmaster.

Harmony High School Class of 1957 Scholarship: William McKernan received $315.

The Justin Delbert Mandelko Memorial: Danielle Zinsmaster received $500.

Matt Hahn Memorial: Cody Erickson received $500.

Lana Lutes Memorial: Nicholas Powell received $500.

Steven Daskam Memmorial: Nicholas Powell received $500.

The Arlin Falck Foundation: Collin Bennett and Carter Rindels each received $875.

RCTC Foundation Frank Jaszewski Scholarship: Tara McGinley received $500.

Samuel Bigalk Family: Scholarships in the amount of $437.27 were awarded to Taylor Case, Samantha Grabau, Connor Hanson, Tara McGinley, Logan Masters, Jesse Nelson, Kayley Olson, Victoria Peterson and Lindsey Weiss.

Tri-County Electric: Students receiving $400 each were Collin Bennett, Andrew Love, Sydnie Huffman, Sarah Reicks and Keeley Todd.

Fillmore Central FFA Chapter Scholarship: Andrew Love received $250 and Nicole Sebastian received $200.

Harmony Arts Council and Preston Arts Board: Receiving $100 each were Sarah Reicks, Lindsey Weiss and Victoria Peterson.

Fillmore County Pork Producers: Andrew Love received $500.

Fillmore County Water and Soil Conservation: Andrew Love received $500.

National Association of Women in Construction: Samantha Grabau received $1,000.

Fillmore Central Education Association: Kayley Olson received $500.

Preston Veterans Scholarships in the amount of $500 were given to Kayley Olson, in memory of Ivan VandeWeerd; John Ostrom, in honor of Amos Anderson's 101st birthday; Taylor Case, in memory of David Wilson; Collin Bennett, in memory of Jerry and Ellen Scheevel; Dylan Birch, given by Preston veterans; Montgomery Holm, in memory of Joanne Aug; Danielle Zinsmaster, in memory of Elaine Pickett and Jelanine Draetsch; Joshua Jones, given by Preston veterans; Quentin Case, in memory of Scott Sikkink; Sarah Reicks, in memory of Joel Pfister; Keeley Todd, given by Preston veterans; Nicole Sebastian, in memory of Everette Junge; Andrew Love, in memory of Harvey Ille; Nicholas Powell, in memory of Jerry and Ellen Scheevel; Logan Masters, given by Bluff Valley Riders; Jesse Nelson, given by Preston veterans; and Carter Rindels, in memory of David Wilson.

Two students were also recognized for their military enlistment, including Alex Fishbaugher who is joining the U.S. Army and McKinnen Stone who is enlisting in the Army National Guard.