A special meeting was held on Wednesday, Oct. 23, to determine who would be holding the off-sale license following the planned Nov. 1 closing of the Canton Municipal Liquor Store.

Nick Prestby, owner of the Canton Pub, provided a written proposal regarding his business plan for the operation of the off-sale business. Denise Firnekas had presented her proposal at the regular council meeting held on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

Prestby stated there would be no name change and, according to the proposal, he planned for the business to remain downtown, "where it belongs," he said.

The written proposal repeated there were no immediate plans to expand his operating space. However, he may add cooler space and store inventory behind the bar. Prestby stated he may separate the space in the future as soon as feasible and is looking at several ideas.

According to the proposal, one idea under consideration would include a separate entrance.

The hiring of additional part-time employees is also planned to assure good customer service.

Prestby is also interested in the purchase of some inventory and shelving being used at the current liquor store from the city.

It was reported by Mayor Donivee Johnson that Firnekas had withdrawn her application for the off-sale license. No details were given.

The issuance of the off-sale license to Prestby was approved.

There will be no proration of the $100 annual fee, with Presby being required to pay $100 prior to Nov. 1, for the transfer of the license.

Inventory will be taken following the closure of the city-owned business with a value to be determined at that time.

As a point of discussion, it was mentioned that remodeling the building in which the liquor store is now located will be discussed at the Nov. 13 regular meeting. It is a possibility the city will convert the structure to serve as the city office building.