Barack Obama exploded into my consciousness like fireworks on the Fourth of July. "There are no red states, there are no blue states, there is just the United States of America!"

"We are more alike than we are different!"

President Obama is not motivated by ego, or the desire for wealth and power. He is not worried about his popularity or his legacy.

As a young man he realized that a meaningful life involves serving others. He makes decisions informed by his faith, reason and critical thinking.

As president he has fearlessly confronted our country's problems at home and abroad. He has taken on the economy, universal healthcare, immigration, energy and the environment, education, research, infrastructure and the gun lobby.

I admire this president for his integrity, calm temperament and sense of humor. He seeks to solve international problems through diplomacy and in partnership with other countries and to rid the world of nuclear weapons. As he has pointed out, he can't make headway toward solving these problems without our help. He needs support from Congress in order for words to be translated into action. The future of our country depends on us and who we send to represent us in the House and Senate.

Respectfully submitted,

Yvonne Nyenhuis