The Fillmore County commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 12, focused primarily on proposed 2015 departmental budgets, including those for the county’s resource recovery center, the University of Minnesota Extension Services, recorder, and auditor and treasurer.

First, Jon Martin of the sanitation department brought his budget forward, requesting increases for his repairs budget to address fixing concrete at the Resource Recovery Center, to the waste compactor and for tires.

Chuck Schwartau of the University of Minnesota Extension Services presented a proposed budget with mostly unchanged numbers. However, he pointed out an exception that resulted from Fillmore County’s Extension officer, Jerrold Tesmer, being out on medical leave and the county has paid an interim officer, Judy Lacey.

“Jerry’s hoping to be back soon,” he commented.

Commissioner Duane Bakke acknowledged the allowance in the budget for a summer intern, saying the commissioners “may or may not decide to have” an intern in the coming summers.

Fillmore County Auditor and Treasurer Shirl Boelter asked the commissioners to set the sale date for the county’s tax forfeiture property sale as Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 1 p.m. in the courthouse lobby. She also asked for approval of the tax forfeiture sale list and the facts one should know before purchasing tax-forfeited property.

Boelter also asked approval for the city of Mabel’s resolution to acquire part of an alley for public use, which was granted.

Finally, she reviewed budgets for the various departments the auditor-treasurer’s office handles, including elections.

Boelter noted the county’s election equipment might need to be replaced by 2018 if mandates require it.

Bakke countered that he felt the updates wouldn’t be necessary “unless there’s a software issue and the machines no longer work.”

Boelter added she wouldn’t know how election laws will change, so she can’t predict how much money would be needed to keep the election equipment current.

Commissioner Randy Dahl commented, “I don’t see these machines wearing out unless we drop them off a truck.”

The commissioners will keep the matter on the horizon.

Human Resources

Human Resources officer Kristina Kohn presented a request to hire a temporary feedlot inspector for two months, as recommended by the zoning administrator, to assist with completing land inspections.

The commissioners voted to hire the inspector.

Other business

The board was scheduled to hear an update from county coordinator Bobbie Vickerman and systems administrator Jeff Cooper, but the meeting was adjourned before business was completed in order to meet a time obligation for interviews.

The consent agenda included approval of an overnight stay for a health educator to attend the Minnesota Department of Health/MPH State Community Visioning Process for Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) as recommended by Director of Nursing Lantha Stevens.

The board also approved an overnight stay for an employee to attend the CATCH Early Childhood training of trainers for the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) work with early childhood and daycare settings.

The next commissioners’ meeting is slated for Tuesday, Aug. 26, at 9 a.m. in the county boardroom in the lower level of the courthouse.