The Spring Valley City Council, at its June 10 meeting, reviewed a plan to prolong city streets and other problem areas, such as the bike trails.

Earlier this year City Administrator Deb Zimmer and maintenance superintendent Chad Hindt attended a meeting with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and its research department to help address some problem areas the city is trying to rectify around town. These areas include the parking lots, bike trail, the gravel road leading to the ambulance center as well as certain intersections.

The council received a quote from Pearson Brothers for the afore-mentioned areas. Upon review the council decided to go ahead with the plan, but not include any of the parking lots in the renovations.

The bike path will be fog sealed at the cost of $11,000. Fog sealing is designed to coat and protect existing pavement. Zimmer explained they would probably have to do this process every other year in order to maintain the trail's integrity.

The driveway leading to the ambulance center will be receiving a double-chipped seal. This is a two layer chip seal where one is applied immediately after the other, which will double the protection from oxidation and deterioration from moisture. This process was found to be the best solution at $12,000, since blacktopping the road would be much more expensive.

The only downfall is Pearson Bros. will not warranty the work, as it does not advertise this process. But between MnDOT and Pearson Bros. everyone is confident this seal will work the best for the area.

The city streets selected for maintenance will be getting a coat of chip sealing, except for the cul-de-sacs, which will be fog sealed instead to eliminate the issue of excess rock in those areas.

The hope of the council is that by doing preventative maintenance to these areas they will prolong them and save the city money in the long run.

Other business:

• The city offices will be closed on Friday, July 5, for a holiday.

• Councilor Todd Jones reported that he met with two potential first responders. They are taking the necessary classes to meet the qualifications. The council is hoping they will be able to begin working in the next month.

• Zimmer thanked the fire department for its help with the fundraiser, which was held during the opening Music in the Park concert on June 9.

• The next council meeting will be Monday, June 24, at 6 p.m.