In the fall of 1994 I became coordinator for the United Methodist "Meals on Wheels" program. Now, 19 years later, you have new coordinators, Dwaine and Kathy Kamnetz. I kept a list each year of those who carried this program. The past and present volunteers deserve a big thank you for their willingness to help, and consideration and dedication for those whom they served. Below are the names of these wonderful people who have served "Meals on Wheels" since 1994. I apologize if I have missed anyone.

Betty and Bill Thomas, Doris Narveson, Lorraine Herrick, Duane and Marie Yust, Alta Reese, Vern Scholer, Clair and Marian Gartner, Olive Wright, Frank and Betty Kinney, Leon Crawley, Bob Siegel, Lloyd Greenlee, Betty VanNurden, Doris Durfey, Hilda Brekke, Marj Crawley, Clifton Kamnetz, Don Gardner, John Amundson, Betty and Harold Johnson, Fay and Bill Colgan, a granddaughter of Doris Narveson, Joanne Greenlee, Jan Wright, Phyllis Sorenson, Virginia Siegel, Phyllis and Curt Amy, Lyle Narveson, Lucille Tangen (Root Prairie Lutheran), Denise Pagel and sons Chris and Taylor, Marlene Luiken, Darrell and Lois Bacon, Kathy Hanson, Donna Amundson, Nathan Amy, Cliff and Phyllis Waadevig, Jane Doucette, Ron Hill, Ed and Karen Amundson, Ruth Jensen, Joann Gillespie (Fountain UMC), Emily Hoffman and Dr. and Izzy French (Presbyterian), Pat Hill, Kathy Lange, Deb Bothun (Chatfield Lutheran), Mike and Bev Simpson, Sandy Bratcher, Joyce Irish and Jennifer Collett.

These generous people deserve a big thank you from the community. Without them, we could not have delivered to so many who needed a nutritional noon meal in their homes. Thank you for helping, and I hope that in the future more from the church and community will volunteer to help Dwaine and Kathy Kamnetz as they continue this very worthwhile program.

Thank you very much.

Marj Scott