Marley Harris hopes to catch Santa on her video camera this Christmas.
Marley Harris hopes to catch Santa on her video camera this Christmas.
"Ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go? Ho, ho, ho, who wouldn't go? Up on the housetop, click, click, click. Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick!"

Marley Harris is planning to be the stakeout queen.

"I'm setting up a trap to see if I can catch Santa on our video camera," said the 8-year-old daughter of Ed and Bobbi Harris with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "Then I'm going to give it to the news if I catch him."

Christmas is approaching more quickly and far too slowly for Marley to imagine its actual arrival, but the second grader's got definite plans for her holiday...other than nabbing St. Nick.

"I like the excitement about it. It's fun waiting - we have a countdown on a pop-out calendar that counts to the twenty-fourth day, then it's Christmas," Marley explained. "I'm excited about sleeping with my sister. I always sleep with my sister on Christmas. We get up at 1 in the morning, watch TV and wait for Santa. We sometimes go to my aunt and uncle's house, or to my grandma and grandpa's house, or sometimes they come to our house. Next year, it's at our place."

And looking longingly beyond the dwindling snow, she added, "I really wish it would snow. I want to have a humongous hill."

Marley has finished her Christmas shopping, but she pointed out that she and her family have to be careful not to leave the gifts unattended in the presence of their cat, Ella. "She eats the Christmas presents, the tree and the ornaments," she noted.

Her Christmas list for Santa, if she doesn't catch him filling her stocking, includes accessories and pets for her American Girl doll. "What I really want is a horse for my American Girl. I have a dog and a cat for her, and I've already made a stable for the horse," Marley added.

Tristan Bernard, 11, anticipates Christmas and cousins this year.

"This Christmas, our cousins are coming to have Christmas at my dad's house, and each cousin brings their own food to eat, and then we open presents," he said. "Before that, we go to my mom's house and open presents. The exciting thing about Christmas for me is getting to see family because not all of them live close, so I get to talk with them."

He's also hoping for an epic snowfall so he can go outside and build a snow fort "big enough for the little cousins...I really hope there's lots of snow."

Tristan and his brother have done their Christmas shopping, though the decisions are tough to make.

"We got our mom and dad's presents. It can be kind of hard sometimes for me and my brother, because we like saving up our money together and getting something bigger. It can be kind of frustrating sometimes deciding what to get," he added.

The Boy Scout admitted that he's not always perfectly behaved, but almost. "I think I've been pretty good this year," he shared. "The hardest part is not being able to open presents, or waiting for Christmas Eve or for the snow. The best part is waiting and trying to figure out what's inside the boxes wrapped up under the tree. I like to shake them a bit to see what's in there. I've kind of always wanted my own four-wheeler or coon-hunting dogs."

But his Christmas list could be shorter than that. "It's nicer to see family and friends than to get presents. That's the best present," Tristan concluded.