The question of this spring season may be "Will there be snow on the ground?" The answer may be yes or no, it makes no difference!

The Simple Living Farmers' Market in Mabel will open on Saturday, April 27, rain or shine or snow! The local vendors have their temperatures in their greenhouses up into the 90s, and there are already blooms on the plants. Those who are primed to begin will have great items in their stalls.

The Grand Opening Celebration for the season will be Saturday, May 11, just in time for Mother's Day.

"A primary concern for many is getting healthy foods on our tables," said Dode Stoskopf when describing what the farmers market means to the area. "When produce is from only as far as 50 miles away, and grown with a great deal of love for gardening and beauty, a farmers market is a place to go and see what is there!"

Music, informational classes and fellowship will abound each Saturday as the market operates. There are many new and exciting options that will be offered. Look for schedules throughout the area and local community calendars. "Our class and special events will offer everything from cooking a strange veggie to massages to tasting a new oil dressing to quilting practice with some experts," Stoskopf added.

New hours for the market are 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. with coffee and treats by vendors available. The benches will be out and one can sit and chat with neighbors and community members, which is almost a thing of the past in today's busy world.

The Simple Living Farmers Market is located on Highway 44, one-quarter mile west of Mabel. The season will run from April 27 through the middle of October.