Dear sir,

I cannot conceive how any marriage between same sex couples in any way affects my 50-year marriage or marriage in general.

Marriage is a sacrament, that the couple confers on each other. Consider the language: I, John, take thee, Jane...; I, Jane, take thee, John . . . Does I, John, take thee, Jack, or I, Jane, take thee, Sue, really scare you?

In my view, this is not a defense of marriage act but rather an instrument of prejudice against a minority group. It in no way defends marriage, rather it defends a singular definition of marriage, that of monogamy, which is a standard we have arrived at.

I do not fear gay marriage. What I really fear are people willing to write language into our state Constitution limiting the rights of a minority.

Vote against this amendment and keep our constitution out of the hands of zealots.

James Hoffman,