Welcome 2013! It was always promised - because finite measurements are always painted on the Creators' canvas of infinity! Remember: A clock is not time itself! Tomorrow is always there because He who made THE ALL is always there and you are a part of His making. You, the real you, are all eternal as His messengers have all said and which you will witness when you leave the cocoon to wing your way home to Him, your source.

He sees the chaos and global problems, the separation and imbalance in the flow of life and the environment of distracting flaws and abused technology smothering your actual needs. In order to have peace in the world, let go of fear and judgment and embrace love and compassion. All beings are energetically connected to one another and therefore what affects one affects all. As each day unfolds He asks you to establish new patterns that create harmonious relations with yourself, family, all others and with the environment by incorporating the principles of nature. By adopting this new life you will begin to discover your spirit and awaken your inner power.

Nature is full of intelligence, a soul and a sacred presence that takes care of every being on earth. Her presence, the earth, the mother, is reflected through beauty, abundance, harmony and loving attention that is given to you daily. He understands that all of you are in search of peace, greater meaning and truth, therefore, through this awakening, He asks you to approach the earth with respect and consciousness in order to accomplish the mission of your soul.

Like the earth beneath your feet there is in each of you a subtle earth. For it is forever true that the metaphor that mankind is made of clay or dust acknowledges your elemental composition is the same as the earth. Through your shared composition with earth, all creation, you reap what you sow through your thoughts, your words and your actions. He asks you to start to sow the seeds of "light" and "love;" light that is ever bright and beautiful, light that streams like a sunbeam passing through a crystal to reside within your soul; love that is divine and infinite. By accepting this beam of light and love, you will be gifted with a drop of sunshine in your heart; you will feel purified, awakened and loved. You will know harmony within and around; peace! And then, like a full breath needing release, you will feel compelled to share this "peace" with others.

Blessed are those who carry "peace" within their hearts!

Robert and Monica Hatch