Prior to the regularly scheduled Canton City Council meeting, on Wednesday, June 11, a special session was held from 6:30 to 7 for public input on the proposed vacating of the alley between 301 and 303 East Fillmore Avenue in the city of Canton.

The area includes lots 29 to 33, owned by Tyler Newman and lots 4 to 8, owned by Holly and Jamie Knutson.

There was no public input on the issue.

The special meeting was closed and the regular scheduled meeting was called to order at 7 p.m.

Due to the absence of two council members, Cindy Shanks and Hank Seldon, the matter was tabled until the July meeting to allow for the vote by the entire council.

The city bills were reviewed prior to approval and a few items resulted in a discussion.

Items of mention included a bill from Bangs Electric for $5,928.29, which included approximately $3,900 for outlets and a 200-amp service to the picnic shelter for the upcoming Canton Day Off celebration, $1,900 for trenching and lights to the Canton welcome sign on Highway 52 and $78 to repair the lights in the city park.

Also noted was the Hahn Lumber bill for $9,708.20, which, according to Mayor Donivee Johnson, includes most of the needed material for the remodeling project that will transform the former liquor store building into the new city office building.

Approval was given for payment of the bills.

Clerk Lolly Melander also noted there was a shifting of funds from the former liquor store CD to the general fund checkbook to pay for the expenses.

It was also suggested the Canton Day Off Committee or Canton Fire Department might be able to assist with the electrical bill for the celebration.

Cats at large

Jamie Dierson was present to discuss the ongoing problem of cats running at large coming into his property from the home of his neighbor, Amanda Kvam.

There was discussion on the issue, with the number of licensed pets per household allowed in the ordinance to be four. Diersen stated he has observed six cats and was wondering about the registration process.

Melander explained the animal registration process calls for a name to be provided, but there is no photo on file for the animals licensed.

Animal control officer, and city council member, Carl Ernst stated his process is to photograph captured animals prior to return to their owner. The fine for the initial infraction to the city is $40 with subsequent capture/return fees doubling if it is determined that the animal has been captured previously.

Dierson, who stated that he is a trapper himself, was wondering if he could capture the animals in his yard.

Johnson advised that any actions to that effect would not be condoned by the city and since Canton has an animal control officer, that duty falls to him.

Also present was Dan Dornink, Fillmore County Deputy, who also stated that any efforts to trap an animal should be conducted by the appointed animal control officer.

A letter had been drafted and was to be sent to Kvam reminding her of the ordinance and consequences of infractions.

There will also be increased efforts to control the stray cat issue in the city and any pet owners who have animals missing should contact the city office immediately to see if their pet has been captured and to reclaim the animal.


There were no major wastewater treatment issues reported by city maintenance director Jon Nordsving, with the exception of the need to address the aged waste pump issue. The current pump is about 10 years old and is failing.

Nordsving stated he believes he has an operational used pump that could be installed while the existing pump is taken in to see if a rebuild is possible.

The approval to purchase the pump from Darin Nordsving was approved, with the agreed upon price of $700 to be applied to Nordsving's city bill. It was noted the cost of the pump, if purchased new, was $1,500 and the only use of the pump has been by the city of Canton, which borrowed the pump from Darin Nordsving in the past.

New city office

There was an update on the city building remodel, which is progressing. The project was on hold at the time of the meeting, waiting for the roof replacement.

The furnace and air conditioning systems have been installed. The tin ceiling has been sandblasted and was reported to look good.

Insulation has been completed with the exception of the crawl space and bathroom fixtures need to be determined.

Dust issues

Ken Fabian was on the agenda to discuss the dust issue at his property on East Prairie. Fabian stated there is significant dust due to the heavier than usual traffic, primarily attributed to the Highway 52 road construction project.

Two quotes for dust control products were presented, one from Chuck's Feed in Peterson at $.75/ft and Chuck Larson of Ostrander for $.55/ft. It was decided to utilize Chuck Larson, with contact to be made once there is rainfall.

The need to grade the roadway was also discussed, with the township to be contacted as to the need and to possibly cost share in the dust control expense.