The Canton Township Board approved the purchase of a new plow truck at its meeting last Wednesday evening.

Two bids were opened at the meeting and reviewed before the purchase was approved with a majority vote. Gary Gunderson voted against the purchase.

The bid for the truck was $114,000 and was submitted by Interstate Trucking. Universal submitted the bid for the sander and box for an additional $49,573.

Gunderson told his fellow board members that he was in favor of buying a different truck, but felt a used one would serve the township just as well as a new one.

"I've gone out and talked to the taxpayers and I think they would agree with me," he said.

Larry Soiney explained the township has been looking at replacing the truck for at least three years and the issue has been discussed at the township's annual meeting.

"We have our finances in good shape and the purchase of the truck won't be a burden on our tax levy," he said.

Soiney also mentioned that buying a used truck can be a gamble. "Used trucks have been removed from service for a reason," he said. "I think we should go for it now since our finances are in shape."

The truck will be purchased from the companies submitting bids with financing being securred through Rural Development in the form of a low-interest loan.

In another matter, the board discussed doing some excavation and regrading of ditches and creek beds on Edgewood Road. There is an area that frequently washes out in the spring and Gunderson is working with the DNR and a local contractor to determine which course of action would be most appropriate and affordable. The matter was tabled until more information could be gathered.

In small items, the board handled the following issues.

• Clerk Fay Garness noted that no one had filed for the position of supervisor nor the treasurer's position. Currently those seats are held by Gunderson and Jackie Ward, respectively. Gunderson noted he had missed the filing deadline as an oversight and had intended to run for his seat once again. Ward told the board she was not sure if she would accept the treasurer's position again or not. No action was taken on this matter.

• The board also decided to use the county's ordinance in regards to frac sand mining in the township. "They've set up a pretty good set of rules," added Soiney.

• Gunderson noted that Canton Township residents should contact any of the supervisors if they have any concerns regarding the condition of township roads where the electrical crews are installing the new highline electrical poles. The company installing the new main line is responsible for maintaining them during the construction process.

• Gunderson noted he would like to have the township minutes published in the local newspaper so residents are aware of the business taking place. He explained he had invited News-Record editor Melissa Vander Plas to the meeting for that purpose. However, she would not be able to attend every meeting, so he asked that the clerk provide her with the minutes for publication each month.