Tyler Augedahl
Tyler Augedahl
Fourth grade students at Mabel-Canton welcomed a new teacher to their classroom this fall, even though Tyler Augedahl was a familiar face to many in the elementary school.

Augedahl served as a long-term substitute teacher in the first grade last year at Mabel-Canton and finished the year serving as the reading teacher. This is his first year as a full-time teacher and he has found enjoyment with his new students.

"I feel it is a great fit for me," he explained. " When I first thought about teaching, upper elementary school really piqued my interest."

Augedahl grew up in Caledonia and graduated from high school there in 2007. He attended Winona State University and graduated from there in December of 2012.

Mabel-Canton was a good fit for him as he said, "I grew up in Caledonia and love the area. I love being in a small community where you can really get to know everyone in school, both staff and students."

In addition to teaching, Augedahl is also serving as a coach for the C team girls basketball team. "It will be my first year coaching basketball and I have always loved the sport," he said.

As the school year advances, Augedahl continues to focus on learning from his peers as well as to create a calm, consistent and positive learning environment for all of his students.

"The staff here has been very welcoming and helpful whenever I have questions or need ideas," he explained. "My class has been making great progress coming together and being respectful to each other. I look forward to continuing making improvements each day."

He believes that by building a positive and calm classroom environment, all of his students will have the opportunity to be successful.

More than just reading, writing and arithmetic, Augedahl believes students need to learn how to work together and develop the skills that will help them be successful in today's ever-changing world.

"I always liked helping others and working with kids," he said when asked why he wanted to become a teacher. "I can't really think of another profession where you can really make a positive impact on a student's life. It's a really rewarding profession because I get to work with the students and watch them grow each day."

While he believes he still has much to learn as a new teacher, Augedahl is not afraid to try new things. One challenge he has anticipated is being able to overcome things that don't work in the classroom, but also finding success in the things that do work when he incorporates them into his curriculum.

A special part of his teaching style is the use of a "Class Dojo." He explained, "It is a program that allows me to keep records and monitor student behavior. It has been a great tool for positive reinforcement. It also allows me to easily increase communication with parents by sending updates each week."

When he's not at school, Augedahl enjoys being outside and enjoys spending most of his free time fishing on the river or hunting deer and turkeys.

He has a younger brother and sister who are both attending college in La Crosse. His brother is attending school for sales and marketing while his sister is also pursuing a degree in elementary education.

As Augedahl looks forward into the new year, he said, "I hope to be a positive role model who can teach students not only academically, but also how to be a respectful and positive individual. I've really enjoyed the start of the year and look forward to seeing what the rest of the year holds."