Three Mabel-Canton football players were again honored by Southeast Conference coaches. All-SEC for the second straight season were both Noah Manning (left) and Hunter Johnson (center). At right is Donnie Lind who received Honorable Mention for the second year.  All three were also voted awards by their Cougar teammates. LEE EPPS/NEWS-RECORD<br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->
Three Mabel-Canton football players were again honored by Southeast Conference coaches. All-SEC for the second straight season were both Noah Manning (left) and Hunter Johnson (center). At right is Donnie Lind who received Honorable Mention for the second year. All three were also voted awards by their Cougar teammates. LEE EPPS/NEWS-RECORD

Mabel-Canton football players have voted for team awards. In addition, the winners of the Southeast Conference's (SEC) top awards for individual achievement on the gridiron have also been announced.

Running back/defensive back Noah Manning won the Most Valuable Player Award, the Hardest Worker Award and the Defensive Back of the Year Award. The talented senior also made the All-SEC first team for a second straight season.

Manning carried 56 times for 260 yards, returned 10 kickoffs for 210 yards and caught nine passes for 108 yards. He punted 18 times for 478 yards and intercepted two passes. Tackling stats were not available.

Senior running back/linebacker Hunter Johnson also appeared on the All-Conference team for a second time. He was named Offensive Back of the Year in team voting.

Johnson rushed 219 times for 1,359 yards, 18 touchdowns. He also returned 20 kickoffs for 407 yards, caught six passes for another 121 yards, recovered two fumbles and intercepted a pass for another score.

Junior tight end/linebacker Donnie Lind made his second appearance on the SEC Honorable Mention list. In team voting, Lind was named Offensive Lineman of the Year. He led all Cougar receivers with 25 snags for 332 yards.

The Defensive Lineman of the Year Award went to senior Jordan Magnuson.

Senior Mac Nelson (offensive line/linebacker) won the Most Improved Player award.

The Scout Player of the Year Award went to Ross McKenna.

Lanesboro placed four players on the 2013 All-SEC first team. Senior running back/defensive lineman Niko Anderson not only made his third appearance on the first team, he was also named SEC Back of the Year for the third time. Anderson's 100 rushing touchdowns and 109 total touchdowns are career state records for all classes of football.

Senior quarterback/corner back Garrett Boggs, senior tight end/linebacker Kole Ruud, and junior linebacker/quarterback Will Semmen were All-SEC as well. Senior offensive/defensive lineman Clay Olson won Honorable Mention.

Spring Grove sent four players as well. Senior offensive/defensive lineman Nick Holty made his second appearance on the All-Conference Team and won the Lineman of the Year Award. He was joined by second-time winner Caleb Happel, who checked in at fullback/linebacker. Wide receiver/safety Dustin Vickerman, a junior, also made the first team. The only sophomore on the All-SEC first team was Spring Grove tight end/defensive end Brady Schuttemeier. In addition, junior guard/running back/ defensive lineman Harrison Speltz was Honorable Mention.

The Coach of the Year Award was shared by Zach Hauser of Spring Grove, Gary Sloan of Grand Meadow and James Semmen of Lanesboro, whose teams all tied for first place in the SEC. It was the fourth time Hauser and Sloan have achieved the honor, and the third time Semmen has won it.

Not surprisingly, the state champion GM Superlarks placed four players on the All-SEC team. Senior quarterback/defensive back Trenton Bleifus made his second appearance, as did junior running back/linebacker Landon Jacobson, who was also named SEC Defensive Player of the Year. In addition, senior center/defensive tackle Isaac Tangen made the All-SEC squad, as did junior offensive lineman/defensive end Jordan Miland. Offensive guard/defensive tackle Wyatt Richardson, also a junior, earned Honorable Mention.

The Houston Hurricanes placed senior running back/defensive back Dylan Lee and junior lineman Nathan Hahn on the first team, while senior lineman Hunter Dockter made the Honorable Mention list.

Senior wide receiver/linebacker Nate Bunne represented LeRoy-Ostrander on the All-SEC team, along with junior quarterback/linebacker Jace Bunne. Senior tight end/defensive end Zach Royston earned Honorable Mention.

Lyle-Pacelli junior quarterback/linebacker Jordan Hart made the All-SEC first team, while teammate Daniel Bollingberg (a sophomore running back/corner back) joined the Honorable Mention list.

Glenville-Emmons senior quarterback/defensive end Christian Voss is also an All-SEC team member. Junior Marshal Hall made Honorable Mention at running back/defensive end.

SEC Football Leaders 2013

for 7 conference games only


Niko Anderson (L'boro) 1,422

Hunter Johnson (M-C) 1,129

Landon Jacobson (GM) 891

Caleb Happel (SG) 853

Daniel Bollingberg (L/P) 792


Matt Schleich (SG) 11.42

Landon Jacobson (GM) 10.13

Niko Anderson (L'boro) 9.88

Garrett Boggs (L'boro) 9.80

Keyser Wenthold (M-C) 9.10


Niko Anderson (L'boro) 26

Caleb Happel (SG) 16

Hunter Johnson (M-C) 15

Landon Jacobson (GM) 15

Daniel Bollingberg (L/P) 12


Mason Drake (Hou) 34.6

Liam Dorn (L'boro) 34.0

Niko Anderson (L'boro) 31.3

Blake Olson (GM) 28.8

Matt Schleich (SG) 28.3


Damon Cody (SG) 4

Blake Olson (GM) 3

Dustin Vickerman (SG) 3


Lucas Grass (L-O) 6.0

Landon Jacobson (GM) 5.0

Liam Dorn (L'boro) 4.5

Niko Anderson (L'boro) 4.0

Zach Royston (L-O) 4.0


Dylan Lee (Hou) 27.5

Tylar Miller (L'boro) 23.9

Hunter Johnson (M-C) 21.2

Landon Jacobson (GM) 20.8

Noah Manning (M-C) 19.9


Niko Anderson (L/boro) 37.5

Nate Bunne (L-O) 15.6

Dustin Vickerman (SG) 12.8

Landon Jacobson (GM) 10.3


Jace Bunne (L-O) 1,114

Trenton Bleifus (GM) 936

Keenan Siminski (SG) 906

Collin O'Bieglo (M-C) 613

Jordan Hart (L/P) 524


Hunter Leschenski (Hou) .667

Keenan Siminski (SG) .617

Collin O'Bieglo (M-C) .538

Garrett Boggs (L'boro) .521

Trenton Bleifus (GM) .500


Dustin Vickerman (SG) 548

Cody Ojulu (GM) 435

Nate Bunne (L-O) 423

Zach Royston (L-O) 320

Kole Ruud (L'boro) 302


Nate Bunne (L-O) 26

Zach Royston (L-O) 23

Dustin Vickerman (SG) 19

Cody Ojulu (GM) 19

Donnie Lind (M-C)17


Sam Roe (L-O) 6

Dustin Vickerman (SG) 5

Cody Ojulu (GM) 5

Nate Bunne (L-O) 5

Kole Ruud (L'boro) 5


Alex Engelhardt (SG) 34.9

Dustin Vickerman (SG) 28.8

Sam Roe (L-O) 25.8

Taylor Wobschall (L/P) 24.5

Cody Ojulu (GM) 22.9


Grand Meadow 6-1 SEC (13-1 all)

Spring Grove 6-1 SEC (9-2 all)

Lanesboro 6-1 SEC (8-2 all)

Mabel-Canton 4-3 SEC (4-5 all)

Houston 3-4 SEC (4-6 all)

LeRoy-Ostrander 2-5 SEC (3-6 all)

Lyle/Pacelli 1-6 SEC (1-8 all)

Glenville-Emmons 0-7 SEC (0-9 all)