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Wednesday, June 04, 2014 5:19 AM
With summer finally here, many of us will be finding ways to enjoy the out-of-doors. There are many ways to enjoy being outside in Minnesota in the summer.
  • You perhaps more or less remember what congressman and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said on a radio talk show a few months ago about "work" and "culture." It led to a midsize flap about whether he is a racist.

  • Chances are you have noticed extra law enforcement on our roads and "Click It or Ticket" messages on TV and radio. The effort and the messages certainly raise awareness about seatbelts and their use, but there is a deeper reason for the campaign. Quite simply, there are far too many preventable fatalities and life-altering injuries occurring on Minnesota roads. 
  • With summer finally here, many of us will be finding ways to enjoy the out-of-doors. There are many ways to enjoy being outside in Minnesota in the summer. 
  • After reading the Spanish banquet article referencing high school students attending Concordia Language Camps, it seemed that studying abroad was being completely discouraged and discounted because of its cost. Further, according to the article, it seemed that a weekend language camp could be equivalent to studying abroad and the inherent "being surrounded by a completely new culture." 
  • Our annual meeting of the Mabel Cooperative Telephone is on Tuesday, April 1, and I want to express my frustrations with our current telephone board of directors. 
  • As I was reading the recent article in the Bluff Country Reader, "New mother receives parenting advice from care center residents," I was filled with joy at the thoughtfulness and compassion of this act of kindness done by the staff and residents of Harmony Community Healthcare! 
  • Each year the JRLC (Joint Religious Legislative Coalition) has what is called, "A Day on the Hill." The coalition is a broad grouping of religious faiths in Minnesota, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. There were about 30 co-sponsors this year. 
  • Do I have buyer's remorse for retiring in Harmony? No! 
  • I see it's time for our beloved representative, "Uncle Greg" Davids' annual questionnaire, with "have you stopped beating your wife?" loaded questions. It is more of an assertion of right wing Tea Party talking points 
  • On Saturday, Jan. 18, I was in Winona at a frac-sand summit. There were concerned citizens and university scientists talking about the health and environmental hazards surrounding frac-sand mining. 
  • In recent months illegal-alien sympathizers have been promoting the storyline that Mr. Obama has deported more illegals than any previous president. 
  • The New Year celebrates the fifth operating year of the National Trout Center (NTC) at Preston. Conceived in 2009 by the Preston Economic Development Authority as a regional economic development engine, the NTC showcases the extraordinary landscape and cold-water fishery assets of the driftless area, the unglaciated region of the Mississippi River valley. 
  • I have received two phone calls this week from callers that state they are calling from the Medicare office and they will be mailing out your new Medicare card along with a free packet of good stuff. 
  • Winneshiek and Allamakee counties in Iowa have enacted moratoriums on frac sand mining, which allow us a little over a year (as of this writing) to research how it might affect our water, our air quality, our roads, our landscape and our community. 
  • In June of 1945, world leaders, even before the use of nuclear bombs on Japan, gave the world in the Charter of the United Nations, an institution that, if implemented and followed diligently and enforced as law (which it is under the US Constitution), can help us avoid the worst prospect of the reality King articulated in the new nuclear age after 1945: "We must learn to live together as brothers or we shall perish together as fools." 
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