As Americans visited their polling places last Tuesday, local schools were holding mock elections for their students.

In most cases, the student votes mimicked those of the nation, supporting Barack Obama for president. Some districts included other major offices on the ballots as well. Some of the results are shown below.

Spring Grove High School

Students at the Spring Grove High School voted on the federal offices and two state offices as well as the constitutional amendments.

Obama won with an overwhelming margin, 93 to 32 votes, over Mitt Romney. Two votes were cast for the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, one vote was cast for the Socialist Workers Party candidate James Harris, two were cast for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. The Socialism and Liberation candidate Peta Lindsay received a vote as did the Justice Party candidate Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson.

Democrat Amy Klobuchar won her U.S. Senate seat with 68 votes with her Independence Party opponent Stephen Williams receiving 11 votes, Republican Kurt Bills receiving 17, Tim Davis receiving 12 and Michael Cavlan receiving 8.

Democrat Tim Walz earned 96 votes and Republican Allen Quist received 23 for the United States House of Representatives.

Students voted to return Republican Jeremy Miller to represent District 28 in the State Senate with 64 votes. His opponent, Democrat Jack Krage, received 59 votes.

Deviating from the actual results, Spring Grove students voted to send Democrat Ken Tschumper to the House of Representatives over Republican Greg Davids, 70 votes to 54.

The marriage amendment was voted down by the students, with 51 voting Yes and 83 voting No.

However, the voter ID amendment passed in the students' election by a narrow margin of 69 Yes votes and 65 No votes.


In a tightly contested race, Obama won the Chatfield High School election. When all the votes were counted, it was noted that Obama carried four out of five "states" missing out only on the 12th grade. In the overall popular vote, Obama prevailed by a 161 to 152 margin.

Perhaps more importantly, the voter turnout was outstanding. The Chatfield school reported that, overall, 81 percent of the students cast a ballot with the seventh/eighth grades leading the way with an astounding 90 percent.

Fillmore Central

Elementary students at Fillmore Central overwhelmingly supported Obama in their mock election. Obama received 186 votes and Romney received 97. Broken down by classes, the kindergarten margin was the closest with 28 votes for Obama and 25 for Romney. First graders supported Obama over Romney, 30 to 8. Second graders cast 25 votes for Obama and 10 for Romney. Third graders supported Obama over Romney, 25 votes to 8. Fourth graders cast 25 votes for Obama and 17 for Romney. Fifth graders cast 31 votes for Obama and 15 for Romney and the sixth graders supported Obama with 22 votes over 14 for Romney.


At Kingsland, the social studies students voted in a mock election on Election Day. In addition to voting Obama in for president with 59 percent of the vote, students also voted on the two constitutional amendments on the Minnesota ballot. The Kingsland students voted down both amendments. The marriage amendment received only 41 percent of the vote and the voter ID amendment received only 42 percent.

The students also voted for Tim Walz to return to the House of Representatives with 73 percent of the votes and Amy Klobuchar to return to the Senate with 69 percent of the vote.


At Mabel-Canton, students in the seventh through 12th grades voted. Students in the eighth-grade class helped register voters, pass out ballots and hand out "I Voted at M-C" stickers. After the ballots were counted, Obama won the popular vote.