Haley Ardinger shows her piece she called, “Shadow Man.”
Haley Ardinger shows her piece she called, “Shadow Man.”

The walls of Spring Grove Public School are adorned with a wide variety of artwork and it is all created by the students. What better way to showcase the talent that abounds in the school? Each year art teacher, Renee Eiken, chooses several outstanding pieces to become a permanent part of this Student Art Gallery.

Last week, five of the new inductees were highlighted in the Herald. This week's inductees conclude the inductees for this year's Student Art Gallery.

Austin Conway, currently a third grade student, painted his colorful fish using tempera paints. The best thing that he liked about his piece was that his fish had a Mohawk. He enjoys art because "it is fun!"

Classmate, Clara Myrah, also painted her colorful fish last year in second grade using tempera paints. She said that she first drew her design with pencil, then painted the colors, and lastly painted black over the design that she drew.

"I like the spikes coming out of the fish, otherwise it would be boring," Clara explained. She, too, thinks that art is fun!

Current fifth grade student, Haley Ardinger, created a piece last school year that she titled "Shadow Man." Her piece is a collage made of different pieces of paper.

"I like my piece because it is very artistic and has a neat shadow," Haley said. "Art to me is fun and beautiful."

Matt Schleich, currently a senior, drew his piece using pencil and blending stumps. "Blending stumps are my most favorite tool to use," he said.

The art class assignment was to show transparency in an object by using light bulbs.

"The thing I liked the most was smashing the light bulb and drawing it; I thought it was creative and I didn't think anybody else would think of it," remarked Matt. "I really liked the drawing because it showed good contrast and shading. Art means a lot to me because I can express my feelings though a drawing."

Three of the pieces chosen were created by seniors that graduated in June. Two of these students also happened to be foreign exchange students, Johanna Koch and Salome Hagelstein both from Germany. The third graduate is Addison Cross. These graduates created their pieces to mimic the painting style of Van Gogh using pieces of paper they collected from magazines and other sources to gather the many variants of color. The paper was torn into small pieces to imitate the brush strokes and glued on to create the scene.

These art pieces and many others are on display in the school office and in the halls around the school. When visiting the school for an event, take a moment to check out all of the pieces that decorate the school.