That an application was received from the following persons for a variance of setback requirements:

Matt and Pam Hendel A parcel of land being part of the SE1/4 of Section 27, Township 102 North, Range 6 West, Town of Caledonia, Houston County, Minnesota, described at follows: Commencing at the South Quarter corner of said Section 27, thence North 0°17'28" east along the west line of said SE1/4 a distance of 33.00 feet to the north line of Township Road 116; thence East along said right of way 989.70 feet to the point of beginning of this description; thence North 0°53' East 436.74 feet; thence South 88°13' East 300.70 feet; thence North 0°40' West 1467.70 feet; thence North 21°27' West 25.30 feet; thence North 61°33' West 45.50 feet; thence North 7°10' East 233.80 feet; thence North 75°11' West 445.20 feet; thence North 67°21' West 258.30 feet; thence North 31°18' West 67.60 feet; thence North 17°17' West 171.92 feet to the North line of said SE1/4; thence South 89°44'47" East along said north line 155.59 feet to the west line of the East half of the SW1/4 of the NE1/4; thence East to the East Quarter corner of Section 27; thence South 0°51' East along the East line of said Section 27 a distance of 526.83 feet; thence South 88°51' West 322.60 feet; thence South 56°41' West 114.90 feet; thence South 77°28' West 326.40 feet; thence South 6°02' West 194.90 feet; thence North 80°57' West 187.80 feet; thence North 73°54' West 127.00 feet; thence North 71°34' West 268.70 feet; thence South 0°40' East 1461.30 feet; thence South 88°13' East 199.50 feet; thence South 0°58' West 420.56 feet to the north right of way of Township Road T-116; thence West along said right of way 519.58 feet to the point of beginning. Subject to any easements of record.

Caledonia Township Expand a feedlot with a variance of 776 feet to meet the required 1,320 foot setback from an existing house.

A hearing on this application will be held at the Historic Courthouse, Commissioners' Room, City of Caledonia, Minnesota 55921 at 6:45 p.m. on Thursday, April 25, 2013.


By Bob Scanlan, Zoning Administrator