March 16:

2030 Hrs. - Complaint of speeding vehicles on Hwy 44 - Vehicles were found to be obeying the speed limit when officers arrived.

2330 Hrs. - Respond to a medical call.

2345 Hrs. - Loud noise complaint - The noise was turned down.

March 17:

0115 Hrs. - Issue a traffic citation to a driver in Southwest Alley for inattentive driving.

0130 Hrs. - Assist the Spring Grove Ambulance with a medical call.

1730 Hrs. - Theft report with investigation is continuing.

1945 Hrs. - Respond to a civil call between a landlord and tenant.

March 18:

1300 Hrs. - Complete an accident report for a person who went in the ditch.

March 19:

1730 Hrs. - Assist a resident with a quality-of-life issue that they needed help with.

1745 Hrs. - Investigate a fraud complaint (a mailing scam).

1830 Hrs. - Assist a resident with some civil issues that she was dealing with and helped with medical arrangements.

March 20:

1830 Hrs. - Respond to a suspicious call, the issue was taken care of prior to the officers arriving.

March 21:

1630 Hrs. - Complaint of vandalism - An investigation continues.

1800 Hrs. - Check on the welfare of a resident - Party was found and was OK.

2145 Hrs. - Lost property was found and returned to the owner