2014 is the year in which my four-year term as the commissioner of District #2 is complete. I did make application to serve a second term. As I work for you - my serving a second term will be your decision in November.

As your commissioner I have been called to speak out and stand for justice with the majority in mind. From time to time this means adversity for me which I welcome as adversity serves to make me a better decision maker.

The issue of frac sand mining is no stranger to providing adversity and it's evident that the race for the District #2 commissioner seat will be about frac sand mining in Houston County as frac sand promoter Eric Johnson has entered the race as my opponent.

While Mr. Johnson represents the voice of frac sand mining that would monetarily benefit very few, I stand against industrial frac sand mining calling for tight regulation or a ban as industrial frac sand mining would adversely affect many.

My vision is and always will be to protect "the quality of life" for all citizens assuring every person's right to clean air, pure water, the environment in which we live, the roads we travel on and the value of our property.

Justin Zmyewski

Commissioner District # 2