The only thing that council member Steve Kemp should be saddened and disappointed by is his failure to take responsibility for raising property taxes on the hardworking people and businesses of Spring Grove.

Despite receiving the same amount of local government aid (LGA) as last year, the Spring Grove City Council - of which Steve Kemp is a member - initially passed a 27.8 percent levy increase.

Fortunately, Mr. Kemp saw the pain he was inflicting on the citizens of Spring Grove and reduced it to a final levy increase of 7.2 percent.

The numbers do not lie. Mr. Kemp and the Spring Grove City Council are responsible for the tax increase on Spring Grove taxpayers - not the state legislature.

Mr. Kemp should look in a mirror before he accuses others of actions he is responsible for.

I supported the preservation of the LGA program, an increase in the Property Tax Refund program, and the elimination of the Statewide Business Property Tax.

This session, I will continue to push for property tax relief that goes directly to the taxpayers. I will also push to cap property taxes at a reasonable amount, which will prevent local officials, such as Mr. Kemp, from blaming the state when they cannot control their own spending.

State Rep. Greg Davids