While Mother Nature has made it difficult to plant crops and for gardeners to plant the seeds of many flowers and vegetables, the Houston County Treasurer's office offers convenient options making it SIMPLE and convenient to pay real estate taxes.

Pay at your local bank

You can pay your taxes at several banks in the county by bringing in your payment stubs. The bank deposits the money into our tax account and gives you a receipt that the tax is paid. The local banking institutions include: Merchants Bank - Spring Grove, Caledonia or La Crescent, Eitzen State Bank - Eitzen or Caledonia and Eastwood Bank - Houston.

ACH from your account

Our newest option to pay your taxes is by ACH direct payment. The taxpayer can go online and complete the form by going to www.co.houston.mn.us and clicking on "Treasurer" and then select Direct Payment ACH. We will deduct your real estate tax payment directly out of your checking/savings account semi-annually or monthly.

Once you sign up for this service, it will continue until you authorize the treasurer's office to discontinue it.

Forms are available online; stop by the treasurer's office in the Historic Courthouse or call us at (507) 725-5815.

Credit cards also an option

Currently, you can pay your taxes with credit card by calling toll-free at 1-800-272-9829. You will be asked for a jurisdiction code of 3306.

This service is through an agency called Official Payment and can only be completed by using your landline phone or cell phone.

There will be a fee charged to the taxpayer by Official Payments Corp. for the convenience of paying by credit card or e-check.

All Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards are accepted.

Please note that you CANNOT bring your credit card into the treasurer's office to pay your taxes at this time. We are currently exploring options for a credit card machine to have in place here in the office. Watch for more details on that availability soon.

Mail always an option

Send your payment by mail along with your payment stubs to Houston County Treasurer, 304 S. Marshall St., Caledonia, MN 55921. Be sure that your payment has an official postmark date of the due date or before.

In person or in the drop box

Pay in person with your payment and payment remittance stubs. Upon request, we can hold your check in safekeeping until the due date.

We have a drop box outside the front West Entrance of the Historic Courthouse that is labeled " RE Tax Payments".

Payment in advance

Many taxpayers pay their taxes in advance, if they have extra cash on hand. They can pay for next year's taxes and that is considered as "Prepayment of Proposed Taxes". Many taxpayers do this to help defer the burden of their income taxes as well.

With the tax date of May 15 coming right around the corner, the treasurer's office is here to serve YOU, the taxpayer. We want to make it convenient and easy for you to pay your taxes and to avoid paying penalty. Your time is "MONEY".

Donna Trehus

Houston County Treasurer