On Tuesday, Aug. 7, I attended the Houston County Commissioners meeting. Then this morning (Aug. 9), I watched the KTTC-TV news.

I don't know if there are legitimate reasons for the personnel action proposed on Tuesday, but it sure makes me wonder.

One of the items on the commissioner meeting agenda was a personnel action, which was to be a closed session.

However, the person [Lindsay Pierce] involved requested that it be open to the public.

Several items were listed in the Notice of Intent to Terminate his employment, one of which was under Code of Ethics.

I find it interesting that this same person is the one who brought to light in mid-2009, the warning that personnel in our Sheriff's Department may have been committing DVD piracy.

An investigation regarding the matter seems to show wrong doing may have occurred not only once or twice but hundreds of times. Yet, our county attorney now says that case is closed!

The only result was that two employees were reprimanded. Maybe the wrong county employee is being terminated?

Evidently our law enforcement appears to be above the law, which is very disturbing... kinda reminds me of our national leaders making rules and regulations for us but that don't pertain to them.

Almost makes me want to move out of the county.

Yvonne Krogstad, a concerned Houston County resident

Spring Grove