We already know from Wisconsin that frac sand mining will turn our rural communities into industrial zones.

We will be left nothing but destroyed roads and polluted water and air. Profit will go into the pockets of outside investors who bankroll the operations.

I live close to beautiful Garvin Brook near Farmer's Park. I was angry when Sen. Miller spoke against provisions to protect our trout streams.

It was unbelievable that our senator from southeastern Minnesota cast the vote that killed these provisions. He never offered a counter proposal.

He didn't have his own amendment. He just killed the common-sense legislation that Sen. Schmit proposed to prohibit mining within a mile of trout streams. Experts from the DNR and Trout Unlimited supported Sen. Schmit on these issues.

This is one of the most important issues facing our community. A community Sen. Miller is supposed to be representing. He let us down. Even with opposition, Sen. Schmit kept on fighting.

Sen. Schmit, ultimately, got some good provisions passed. These provisions will make a difference if state agencies implement the new laws effectively.

Sen. Miller claims, "We worked together to create a reasonable bipartisan approach." The fact is that Sen. Miller's only work on this issue was to speak and vote against the vision Sen. Schmit has for southeastern Minnesota.

Sen. Schmit understands working for people and community. Now that something has passed that will help, Miller stands up and tries to take credit for someone else's work.

Sen. Miller ignored his constituents this whole session and pushed the agenda of the frac sand industry. He now wants us to think otherwise but we are not fooled.

Barb Nelson