Have you ever been stuck in quick sand? I feel a very large portion of Americans are, both nationally and locally.

In Washington, D.C., our leaders will not even attempt to show bi-partnership and spend our tax money thinking of the welfare of an average citizen.

The same scenario holds true for our local government. A local taxpayer is holding our county commissioners accountable for their managing and spending our tax dollars.

The county highway shop needs repair. What do most of us do when our property needs repair? We fix it. Local government feels, just let it go. Our taxpayers will give us a new one, the same scenario in 2000.

Our local school boards for years chose to let the elementary school fall into a state of neglect. We must have a new school! A $23 million bond was strategically passed by voters. Classes will get larger; Spring Grove will come our way. Well, you know what happened?

Our beautiful historic jail is outdated and must be replaced. We will house both men and woman. Surrounding counties have jails that are overpopulated. They will pay us to house their jailbirds in our state-of-the-art law enforcement center. Well you know what happened to that plan.

One of our discerning, judicious and sagacious county commissioners at a recent board meeting made a comment about our deteriorating county highway shop, "I would rather put money in a new building, than repair a old one."

Does anyone remember the dilapidated building on the corner of Hwy. 44 and Vista Drive? To jog your memory, it was referred to as the Meyer Furniture Building.

I bet the past owner of that building was elated to receive his recompense. It was very costly to make it functional again. Also employees have to walk a long distance to the parking lot. So please tell me Mr. Commissioner, "Which plan of action would have been the best?"

The budget for the County Highway Department is 40 percent larger than Fillmore County's. Fillmore County has more miles of road plus greater population.

Yes, Houston County taxpayers, we are sinking deeper every year. I dread to think about what our children and grandchildren will face in years to come.

Retired people living on Social Security are going to have to give up something, or they will work until the day they die. We have to get a handle on this runaway spending.

Please call your county commissioner and express your feelings. We elect these people to prudential spend our tax money.

Harley Doering