I was deeply disappointed and saddened by a newspaper article that appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Jan. 22. In the article titled "Political Truce at the Capital is Fragile," several legislators were quoted as saying their incentive is to do nothing during the 2012 legislative session followed up by a quote from my representative, Greg Davids.

Rep. Davids is quoted as saying, "You know, nothing has to happen."

Well, Rep. Davids, how about a little property tax relief? Your support for the elimination of the homestead credit program and replacing it with the exclusion program has had very negative consequences in rural Minnesota.

A nonpartisan group recently released the following information. Property taxes in the Twin Cities have risen 3.1 percent in 2012, but for outstate Minnesota, the increase is 8.7 percent.

I can't speak for the other city council members in your district Rep. Davids, but for myself, I'm tired of taking the heat for your actions.

I think about the decisions made at city council meetings and how they affect the citizens of my city every day.

I suggest that you actually do some work in St. Paul this legislative session and send some property tax relief our way.

Steve Kemp

city council member

Spring Grove