Three Spring Grove players have been named to the 15-man SEC All-Conference Boys Basketball Team, while another made the honorable mention list.

Eight seniors, six juniors and one sophomore were elected to the squad by coaches from the conference's 10 teams.

East Division Champion Spring Grove and east runner-up Houston placed three, while West Division Champion Glenville-Emmons, Lanesboro and Lyle-Pacelli each placed two players on the team.

Excellence includes consistency. Over half of the 2012 team appeared on the list last year.

SEC Player of the Year honors went to Spring Grove's Aric Elton for a second straight season. Senior guard Elton was elected for his performance in conference games, where he averaged 21.4 points per game, 7.1 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 3.6 steals, buried 76% of his shots from the line, hit 55% of two-point field goal attempts and 40% from beyond the arc.

Elton's numbers placed him in the top five SEC players in scoring and steals. This was his third appearance on the all-conference team.

Spring Grove junior guard Blaine Storlie made the team for a second time and was the league's steals leader. During conference match-ups, he averaged 16.9 points per game, 3.9 assists and 3.9 steals. He also hit 35% from three-point territory. Storlie was in the top five conference players in scoring, assists, steals and treys completed.

Fellow Lion guard Jake Kraus, a senior, rounded out the all-conference team. He averaged 13.2 points per game in conference play, along with 5.2 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 2.2 steals.

Senior guard Eli Gleason received honorable mention recognition for the second straight season. He averaged 4.7 assists per game in conference play, second highest in the league in the category.

Lion team awards announced

Lion team awards have also been presented. Elton won Most Valuable Player for the third year.

Most Improved Player went to junior center Brandon Schuttemeier, who worked himself into a starting spot for the last eight games.

The Lion Award went to Kraus for "commitment to and passion for the team and the game."

The Hustle Award is not voted on. It is a statistically-determined honor given out for "hustle points," which consists of charges taken, diving grabs for a loose ball and other (mostly defensive) outstanding efforts for which players typically don't get a lot of credit.

This year, two players, Elton and Storlie, finished in a tie for the honor. It was the fourth time Elton has won the award.

Three Lions made the "Top Five" awards for entering the five best in single season or career records - Elton, Storlie and Gleason.

Elton practically re-wrote the record book this season with six career marks and four 2012 season "top fives."

Gleason had one career and two season marks, and Storlie had three career Top Five records and two single-season marks.

For his career, Elton finished first in steals (380), scoring (2,145 points), rebounds (882), free throws made (423) and hustle points (496). He was also third in career assists, with 286.

For single-season records set in 2012, Elton was third in steals (95), fifth in free throws made (86), tied for third in scoring (616 points) and fourth in efficiency rating (37.3 points).

Storlie is now second in career three-pointers, with 160, third in steals with 215, and third in hustle points with 294. He set a fourth-place mark in steals in 2012 (86) and a first-place mark in season treys (71).

Gleason finished his high school career holding fourth place in total assists (255). He also had 2012 single-season top five marks with second in assists (134) and fourth in assists-to-turnover ratio (2.06).

Storlie was elected as team captain for next season, along with junior guard Josh Olerud.

With a record of 25-3, the East Division Champion Lions also set team records.

Compared to its predecessors, the 2012 team was first in scoring average at 77.3 points per game; first in scoring margin defeating opponents by an average of 28 points per game; and the only boys team to win as many as 25 games (25-3).

The Lions won by 50 or more points five times. The team was second in free throws attempted (22.3 per game) and third in field goal accuracy (46.6%). The squad was also third in assists, averaging 17.5 per game.

All-Southeast Conference Boys Basketball 2012

Player of the Year - Aric Elton (Spring Grove) 2nd year


Aric Elton SG 6' 0" senior guard 3rd year

Steve Smith M-C 6' 3" senior center 2nd year

Braden Hanson L'boro 6' 2" senior guard 3rd year

Skylar Meyer L/P 6' 4" junior guard 2nd year

Blaine Storlie SG 5' 9" junior guard 2nd year

Josh Vix Hou 5' 10" senior guard 2nd year

Hans Lundberg Hou 6' 0" senior forward

Jake Kraus SG 5' 11" senior guard

Derek Olson G-E 5' 8" junior guard

Jason Klug Hope L. 6' 0" soph. guard 2nd year

Cory Strom L'boro 6' 0" senior guard 2nd year

David Diang L/P junior guard H.M. 2011

Tyler Peplinski Hou 5' 9" senior guard

Wyatt Madson G-E 6' 2" junior forward

Jordan Whitcomb SA 6' 6" junior center H.M. 2011


Nathan Hanson, SA 6'2" jr. G; Bryce Benson, GM 6-4 jr. F, 2nd yr.; Zach Royston, L-O 6'2" sr. F; Tyler Belshan, G-E 6'0" sr. G: Max Brennan, L/P 6'3" sr. C; Jacoby Bigalk, M-C 5'10" sr. G; Erik Peterson, L'boro 5'8" jr. G; Mitchell Beckman, Hou 6'0" sr. F; Eli Gleason, SG 5'9" sr. G, 2nd yr.; Caleb Forst, Hope Luth, 5'8" soph. G

SEC Leaders

Scoring: Braden Hanson (L'boro) 21.9 ppg, Aric Elton (SG) 21.4 ppg; Steve Smith (M-C) 20.5 ppg; Jason Klug (Hope) 17.0 ppg, Blaine Storlie 16.9 ppg.

Rebounds: Jordan Whitcomb (SA) 12.3 rpg, Steve Smith (M-C) 12.1 rpg; Wyatt Madson (G-E) 11.4 rpg, Skylar Meyer (L/P) 10.5 rpg, Zach Royston (L-O) 9.0 rpg.

Assists: Cory Strom (L'boro) 5.0 apg, Eli Gleason (SG) 4.7 apg, David Diang (L/P) 4.3 apg, Tyler Belshan (G-E) 4.3 apg, Blaine Storlie (SG) 3.9 apg.

Steals: Blaine Storlie (SG) 3.9 spg, Aric Elton (SG) 3.61 spg, Tyler Peplinski (Hou) 3.6 spg, Wyatt Madson (G-E) 3.3 spg, David Diang (L/P) 2.9 spg, Skylar Meyer (L/P) 2.9 spg.

Blocks: Skylar Meyer (L/P) 4.2 bpg, Steve Smith (M-C) 2.2 bpg, Zach Royston (L-O) 2.0 bpg, Hans Lundberg (Hou) 1.5 bpg, Bryce Benson (GM) 1.4 bpg

Made 3-pt. FG: Derek Olson (G-E) 58, Kole Ruud (L'boro) 55, Braden Hanson (L'boro) 48, Erik Peterson (L'boro) 45, Blaine Storlie (SG) 45