The Caledonia/Spring Grove/Houston gymnasts achieved their best team total of the year so far on Friday, Dec.13. Traveling to Pine Island, the Warriors came within a hairsbreadth of defeating their hosts, 124 to 125.68.

"The girls should be proud of hitting 124 points," coach Jackie Johnson said of the early-season effort. In only the third meet of the year, C/SG/H has already improved to a level that took six matches to reach last year.

Johnson congratulated Tara Solberg of Spring Grove, who achieved a no-fall performance on balance beam. "(It was) exciting to see her put everything together," she said. "This event is our biggest struggle this season, and if we can get all the girls to have no falls, this would add a few more points to our team total.

The C/SG/H junior varsity also had a great meet, scoring their second win with no losses (99.05-97.5).

On vault, Solberg and teammate Sierra Hunter both scored 8.28 points. Abby Hoskins earned 8.18, while Kaylee Cavanaugh took 8.1. Emily Hahn checked in with 7.98. The Panthers were led by Siera McNallan (9.08) and Brook Schaefer (8.3).

Parallel bars also went to McNallan (8.9). But Hunter took away 7.98 points, earning second in the event. Schaefer scored 7.63, and was followed by Solberg (7.5), Cavanaugh (7.38) and Pine Island's Katie Schultz (7.18) who tied with Hoskins. Warrior Jessilyn Knutson scored 5.95.

McNallan scored 8.75 on beam, followed by Solberg at 8.28. Cavanaugh was third with 7.7. Schaefer took 7.38 and was followed by Warriors Hunter (7.1) and Hahn (6.93). Hoskins scored 6.33 points.

Floor routine had McNallan turn in an astronomical 9.33. Cavanaugh took second at 8.18 followed by Hunter (7.95). Panther Brittney Arndt was fourth with 7.85. Fifth went to Solberg with a 7.63. Knutson scored 7.4 while Hoskins took 7.0.

In all-around, McNallan totaled 36.05. Solberg was second with 31.68. Third went to Cavanaugh (31.35) and fourth to Hunter (31.3). Hoskins tallied 28.68.

Some of the top JV scores included an 8.0 on vault by Warrior Erin Schultz. Knutson took a 7.8 on that event while teammates Michaela Kasten and Kerrigan Scanlan earned 7.5.

Hahn scored 5.8 on bars while Schultz took 5.2. Knutson led the JV on beam (7.0) followed by Schultz (6.2).

Floor found Hahn taking 7.05, Schultz at 6.7 and Scanlan at 6.1.

Both Schultz and Scanlan completed all-around routines, earning 26.1 and 21.8 respectively.