The Minnesota Department of Natural Resource (DNR) has finalized rules for Minnesota's first regulated wolf hunting and trapping season this fall and winter.

"We changed the closing date for the late season from Jan. 6, 2013, to Jan. 31," said Steve Merchant, DNR wildlife program manager.

"We also tightened the wolf harvest registration requirement so we can more quickly close a zone based on harvest results."

Another notable change is that the wolf range will be divided into three zones for the purposes of harvest targets, registration and season closure.

The state's first regulated wolf hunt will begin Saturday, Nov. 3. The target harvest is 400. The early wolf season will last up to nine days in the 200-series deer permit areas and up to 16 days in the 100-series deer permit areas.

The late season, which also allows trapping for those with a wolf-trapping license, will begin Nov. 24 statewide. Target harvests are 265 in the northwest zone, 117 in the northeast zone and 18 in the east-central zone.

Additional information about wolf management and the upcoming season is available online at Details of the season

Consistent with state law, the state's first regulated wolf season will start with the beginning of firearms deer hunting on Saturday, Nov. 3.

A person cannot purchase both a wolf hunting and a wolf trapping license. A person with a hunting license may take a wolf only by firearms or archery; a person with a trapping license may take a wolf only by trap or snare.

Licenses must be purchased prior to the opening day of the respective seasons.

Application materials will be available online in mid-August with a $4 application fee.

A person must have proof of a current or previous hunting license to apply.

Trappers born after Dec. 31, 1989, need a trapper education certificate or proof of a previous trapping license to purchase a wolf-trapping license.

The application deadline will be Sept. 6; online winner notification will be no later than Oct. 14.

Licenses will be available for purchase no later than Oct. 15.

Applicants can apply for only one of three license types: early wolf hunting, late wolf hunting or late wolf trapping.

All animals must be registered by 10 p.m. of the day of harvest (can be done electronically at ELS agent, online or by phone).

Harvest registration information/reporting will be available online and via a toll-free phone number.

Harvest registration must identify the zone in which the wolf was taken.

Carcasses must be presented for collection of biological data.