The student fans at Kingsland High School are some of the best fans around; anyone who has been fortunate enough to attend a Kingsland basketball game when the kids are cheering, know exactly what I'm talking about. I will admit that I am not impartial as two of those student fans are my sons.

The attendance by students has at least doubled during this season and I believe that the older boys who get the kids on their feet and get them cheering is a huge factor in getting other students to come to the games. The fans are loud, they dress up in random and unique outfits, and they love their teams and for this, some of the fans get talked to, reprimanded, and threatened with expulsion from the games.

I can understand that some may find the chanting and yelling annoying; that's a matter of opinion. I sit across from the student fans and hear other adults behind me make comments such as "we should pay those boys' way into the games to make sure they keep coming," "oh good, the kids are pumped up" and if the kids aren't there then I hear the adults wondering where the kids are. The majority of the adult fans love seeing the kids cheer and look forward to seeing what the kids will come up with next almost as much as they look forward to a good basketball game. I've gotten emails and comments from parents from other schools telling me how much they like our student fans and wish their student fans showed as much school spirit.

It's disheartening to see these students get "talked to" within minutes of them coming to the game and seeing the kids' excitement be deflated before they even have a chance. I understand there are rules that have to be followed; I just don't like that the rule seems to be "if it's fun, it's not allowed." Can't the administrative people at Kingsland who watch the kids so intently lighten up a bit; do they always have to be on a power trip? These fans don't have to spend their time or money coming to the games but they do. They could be out partying and vandalizing but they aren't.

I think the supervision should turn their attention to the boys' varsity coach. Is it appropriate that he doesn't play every senior on the team on senior night? Isn't it sad that the students have to chant for one of the seniors to be put into the game when we are winning by 26 points and all the underclassmen off the bench have been put in?

In my opinion, the student fans have more going for them than those who are supposed to be their role models. It's about the kids, not about the coach or the administrators.

Kelly Hellickson

Spring Valley