We often think with the GPS gadgets and computer access that can inform us of everything we think we need to know, is a Tourist Information Center necessary? You may want to ponder these figures and see for yourself.

Staffed by volunteers this summer, the registration book showed these interesting facts. In three months, drivers of 173 vehicles (and a total of 393 people) stopped for information, maps, brochures on area attractions, received directions, and had many questions answered. Where were visitors from? We can report that drivers from twenty states stopped in plus folks from Norway, Switzerland and Ontario, Canada. One person tallied the traffic for ten minutes each time she was on duty, which usually showed an average of twelve vehicles per minute pass this intersection - that's one every five seconds!

Who staffed the information center? Twenty-six faithful volunteers, and the star was Joe Hamre who came in every Monday afternoon without fail. His dependability was deeply appreciated. Several volunteers came many times; two were on duty fairly regularly, and a few came in at least once. Heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible to keep the doors open, to the Garden Club for the flowery planters, and to the city crew who mowed the grass, zapped the weeds, and did maintenance as needed. It truly was a community effort.

How can you help? Shifts are three hours long, l0 to l and l to 4. You are requested to pick up the key at Fowlers bp station and the last person to leave returns the key to the station. The historic little building, once a gas station, has an air conditioner, radio, fan, and you may bring any kind of reading material, listen to the radio, make coffee, play games on your hand-held devices, even play cards with friends.

Are you willing to contribute three hours of your time to be a part of making Spring Valley a helpful, welcoming community? Please call city hall at 346-7367 and leave your name and phone number - we will contact you next spring. Thank you!

Mary Jo Dathe,

TIC Coordinator