Burton Forland
Burton Forland
Born in Day County, S.D., Dec. 9, 1920, to Omond and Millie (Rye) Forland, Burton Forland was baptized and confirmed at Skudesnes Lutheran Church, rural Pierpont.

He came to reside in Ostander Care & Rehab Assisted Living in August. His father was employed by the Workers Progress Administration (WPA) during the Great Depression.

Burton's siblings included older brother Orlin, younger sister Mavis and younger brother Jerald. Burton is the sole survivor.

His mother suffered health issues that eventually caused her to be hospitalized in a Black Hills, S.D., hospital for one and a half years. She eventually died in a Sioux Falls, S.D., hospital. His father passed away five weeks later.

Burton came to Ostrander where his father's sister lived when he was 16 years old. After Burton completed the eighth grade, he went to work for Eddie Thoreson, his father's cousin, on a grain threshing crew, working for two years. Later, Hardie Thoreson, another of his father's cousins, hired Burton. The two of them ran a Rumley steam engine on the threshing machine, Burton also ran a grain separator for three years.

Burton met Edith Lemon at the Spring Valley Bowling Alley and married her Oct. 16, 1943, in Lime Springs, Iowa. They were married for 68 years. The young couple moved to a farm close to Hardie T's farm where they lived while Burton worked on his cousins' farms. He also tended 150 head of cattle for his landlord, who owned a grocery store in Spring Valley.

Burton and Edith moved to Lakefield, Minn., where Burton owned a gas station for five years and returned to the Ostrander area in 1958 after purchasing the farm he had previously worked on. He worked for Hadland & Vreeman for 15 years and for Hadland & Osterud for 16 years before retiring in 1988.

Burton enjoyed attending old-time dances and square dancing, but now enjoys playing cards and family gatherings. He is an avid gardener of both flowers and vegetables. He is a charter member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Ostrander and served on the building committee when the church was built.

Burton has four children, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He is very much enjoying his new residence at the assisted living facility.