The horse kids hope you’ll tip them…

Over and over and over again.

“We’re holding our second tip night at the Silver Grille in Chatfield this Wednesday,” said Lisa Apenhorst, whose daughters, Jackie and Heather, are part of the Fillmore County 4-H Horse Project. These Bloomfield Cloverleaves 4-Hers are part of a group of horse-minded 4-Hers who get together on a monthly basis to learn about and promote horses and horsemanship.

Apenhorst of Etna explained, “The Fillmore County Horse Project, which is kids from all over the county, put up a horse wash rack by the barn this year at the fairgrounds, and last year, we put up a sound system.”

The group holds fundraisers throughout the year — like candy bar sales and tip nights — and they hold monthly meetings to prepare for the fair.

“We have a horse clinic before the fair starts,” Apenhorst continued, “and we hold an annual awards banquet for kids who are in all different activities for the Horse Project, like time or hours spent with your horse. The big thing this year is we’re getting a horse drill team together. It’s a learning environment for kids and all horse-related items.”

The kids do project talks about horses and Jackie and Heather did a project talk about how to do the horse-related poster projects, like how to take care of a horse. 

“We also involve the Cloverbuds and hold meetings to help them learn the proper etiquette with a horse,” she added. “This year, we’re doing hippology practices and getting into studying horses.”

The Horse Project’s participants come from Preston, Chatfield, Spring Valley and beyond. Together, they do a lot of activities throughout the year so they can contribute to new equipment at the Fillmore County fairgrounds.

They’ve set their sights on being tipped this Wednesday evening as they assist with waiting tables and cleaning up after diners depart the Chatfield café where Horse Project participants Chase and Wyatt Ketterhagen’s mother, Melissa, works. 

Apenhorst noted the participants hope for a good turnout, with plenty of hungry people coming to share good spare change tips and learn about the Horse Project. 

The Fillmore County 4-H Horse Project will hold its tip night at J.W.’s Silver Grille at 207 Main Street in Chatfield this Wednesday, Aug. 13, from 5 to 8 p.m.