The Spring Valley Library Board of Trustees closed out 2013 with its November meeting held last Thursday evening, as the board does not hold a December meeting.

With no new or old business on the agenda, library director Dianne Sikkink gave her monthly report, beginning with two openings on the board - members Shirley Gangstad and Mary Ann Schultz, who has served six years, have each served their terms. The board is looking for people who are interested in serving these city positions and anyone who is interested should send a letter to Mayor Jim Struzyk, at City Hall.

Sikkink went on to note that the library will host a book signing with Spring Valley native and author Mark Reps, who hopes to feature three of his books at the library, on Saturday, Dec. 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. She related that the library also will host a SELCO roadshow on Jan. 23 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the meeting room to assist patrons in learning how to use the iPads and e-readers they received for Christmas.

"We're going to have SELCO come down and show people how to use all the gadgets they got for Christmas," she said. "There'll be demonstrations and time for questions and answers."

Sikkink was pleased to announce that the library will welcome the SELCO EASEL Art Exhibit next December, as the curated exhibit had been on display at the library during Ag Days a year ago and was a success. She said, "Our first choice was Ag Days, but that didn't work, so our second choice is December, during Christmas on Historic Broadway. We're looking forward to having it here."

The library's little Christmas book shop opened this Monday, Nov. 25, with gently used books available for patrons to select as Christmas presents. "Donations we receive from the shop will be put toward the library's funds," she stated.

Lastly, the board thanked Andrew and Debi Neville for a donation given in memory of Mary Linn Posey and another from Gene and Gail Reiland in memory of Chuck Toft.