Jon Pieper received the DFL House District 28B endorsement in Rushford on Saturday, April 5, 2014.

Pieper and his wife, Sarah, own The Old Village Hall Restaurant in Lanesboro. They have three children attending school in the Lanesboro School District. Pieper also owns a farm in Jefferson Township, Houston County.

Dennis DeKeyrel, Senate District 28 and Fillmore County DFL chairman from Harmony, cited Jon's business and family background as strengths of his campaign.

"Jon and Sarah were both born and raised in Southeastern Minnesota. They are the parents of three school age children, and like all parents and grandparents, Jon and Sarah want what's best for their children," DeKeyrel stated.

"Jon owns a popular, well-established restaurant in Lanesboro. He understands the importance of balancing property taxes and the cost of the infrastructure it takes to grow and support businesses. Jon's family has lived in the area for four generations, and he's committed to making sure it remains a place where the next generation of his family and our families and can live and prosper," he continued.

Julia Massman, Democratic National Delegate from Caledonia, emphasized Jon's family and farming background.

"Perhaps some of you don't know Jon, but my husband and I know him as a part of the farm family of Bernie and Wanda Pieper of Caledonia. They are fine people. You would be proud of Jon to represent you in St. Paul."