Twelve is the magic number to roll.

"It's open to all tractors, but we try to run at about 12 miles per hour," said Roger Becker, co-organizer of the annual Spring Valley area tractor drive, this year departing from SEMA Equipment in Spring Valley, traveling slowly to Lime Springs and returning to SEMA later that day.

The drive's route is set to turn south from SEMA to 121st Street, cross Highway 56 to Chester, and then proceed to Lime Springs, where there's lunch, catered by Ody's Country Meats, awaiting participants in the park. Then, the tractors leave the park and come back to SEMA.

Becker enjoys that the drive brings farmers and tractor enthusiasts together.

"There are a lot of different tractor brands, and most of the people are farmers or ex-farmers, all ages from 80 on down," he said. "It's more or less a chance to get to talk to people about tractors, get to see different crops because we're not going down the road at 60 miles per hour."

Becker hopes this year's drive makes up for last year's lack of a drive.

"Last year, it was a bad spring, so everyone was in the field and couldn't make it. We try to go different routes every year," he said. "Some people bring wagons for their families to ride in if they want to take their kids along, and sometimes people sit along the road and wave at us as we go by."

The drive's on as long as the sun shines - or "even if there are a few sprinkles," said Becker.

The annual Spring Valley area tractor drive departs this Sunday, June 22, at 8 a.m. from SEMA Equipment on South Broadway in Spring Valley. For more information, contact Roger Becker at (507) 273-0593 or Troy Lange at (507) 951-3883.