With their focus still on the rental ordinance, the Spring Valley City Council members called their regular meeting to order on Monday, March 10.

Council members continued to discuss what they had heard during the public hearing.

City administrator Deb Zimmer stated she would be further reviewing the fire code, as this is what they based many of the requirements on, not the building code.

She will also review the issue landlords are having with Public Utilities charging the owners for the sewer water fees instead of the renters who pay the utilities.

After numerous community members voiced their concerns in regard to current ordinances not being enforced, the council agreed to strengthen the enforcement. But they need the community's help and are asking residents to report any issues within the city.

"I think there's definitely properties in town that we need to address more so than we are," Councilmember Todd Jones said.

He added that by becoming more diligent with existing ordinances the city could show those affected by the rental ordinance that the city is impartial in terms of rentals versus homeowners.

The council will continue to compile information and gather opinions throughout the community to mold the proposed ordinance to fit Spring Valley's needs.

As the work continues, Mayor Jim Struzyk noted the council may need to hold another public hearing before making a final decision.

Planet walk

Zimmer and Councilmember Jeff Vehrenkamp relayed information about the Spring Valley Area Community Foundation's proposed planet walk, which is a scale of the solar system that can easily be walked.

These models would be placed along the trail and would promote fitness, science education and tourism.

Several towns throughout the United States have been creating these exhibitions since 1997.

The foundation would be covering the cost of the permanent structures through private funding so no city assistance would be require.

According to Zimmer the foundation just wanted to know that it had the councils' support, which the council gave, before the foundation delves deeper into the project.

Other business

• The council approved the Sportsmen's Club raffle permit for an event at the Spring Valley VFW on April 25.

• Councilmember Bill Bires informed the council that the sidewalk on the north side of the community center is now blocked off due to water dripping on to the sidewalk creating icy conditions.

• Jones gave maintenance supervisor Chad Hindt and his crew kudos for keeping the roads cleared during the early spring thaw.

• A representative from Waste Management will be attending the next council meeting on March 24 at 6 p.m. to address the council about ongoing issues regarding its service. All concerned community members are encouraged to attend the meeting.