Angela Solberg
Angela Solberg
Angela Solberg is jump-starting her charges through SACC.

"I like that SACC helps fill a need for the community and helps jump-start children for their academic career," said Solberg, Kingsland's new School Age Child Care (SACC) coordinator, who joined the Kingsland staff after original SACC coordinator Chris Howard left the position to take a job at Mayo Clinic earlier this month.

Solberg added, "I decided to become the new SACC coordinator because I want to be in my field and this district. I have been involved in the district for some time, and am excited to be a permanent addition to the program."

Solberg worked for several years at Shopko in south Rochester, but she recently earned her teaching degree, and "through that program, I was able to do most of my field hours in this district."

She also served at Chatfield Elementary School during her student teaching placement, and enjoyed the process of becoming a teacher.

She said, "This summer, I started at a daycare hoping to work with kids, but it wasn't really the right fit for me. This program is more tailored to my experiences and skills ... different because instead of the traditional classroom, in this program we need to stretch what the students know and learn in their classrooms to greater benefit them. This program fills in the gaps of their educational experiences. We need to help them where they are struggling and work with their teachers to help the students gain the knowledge they need."

Solberg was glad to know that SACC participants were given an opportunity to list their wishes for the incoming SACC coordinator's traits and abilities.

"During the hiring process, the program leaders allowed the children to come up with their own criteria for this job. I felt this was an important touch to the process because the change will greatly affect them. I feel that I was the one to take these concerns to heart, and I feel that I am a great fit due to my experiences and personality. I am a lifetime learner and I enjoy learning right along with the children. I have always enjoyed teaching people new things. I also am very creative and hands-on, which is a must in this field."

Solberg is pleased to be Howard's successor and take on the established child care program. "The exciting part of taking over this program is the groundwork has already been done, so I can focus solely on improving the academics and care we provide for the children. I hope to create a better environment for the children and staff and also further our goals to become a great program for parents and children. I know funding is an important part of the program, and I hope to create several ways we can generate new funding."

She added, "The most challenging thing is not disrupting the flow of the program as it stands, but integrating new ideas for the future. Right now, the challenge is getting to know all of the families and staff. I feel that creating a positive, honest working environment is vital in any workplace. I am excited to meet the staff and get to know their strengths and weaknesses so we might play off each other and work as a team to make SACC a great place to work."

She greatly anticipates daily interaction with the children and learning about their interests. "Working with kids is an exciting and challenging job. They are constantly on the move and need to be engaged in things they are interested in. I look forward to being a positive influence in their lives and helping guide them to a brighter future."

Solberg continued, "I feel that the most important thing they can learn is to be proud of who they are and who they want to become. They need to learn not to let others stand in the way of their dreams, and to give their best in everything they do."

The new coordinator wants parents to know that she is there for them and their children. "I always keep the child's best interest in heart and hope to collaborate with them to make SACC a safe, supportive and fun place for their child to be. Most of all, I will be there for them and my door will always be open for their concerns and suggestions."

Solberg lives just down the road in Ostrander. "I have been there for five years. I have a son, Clayton, going into seventh grade at Kingsland. My fiancé Mike works for Ameripole Inspection Company, inspecting utility poles. In our spare time my family and I enjoy going to the races and fishing. I also enjoy cooking, sewing and bowling."