I'm writing this letter in regards to the skydiving event that takes place at the Calgary Cemetery during your Western Days events. I find it very appalling, disrespectful, and VERY SACRILEGIOUS that the city of Chatfield lets this take place with no regards to the "DEARLY DEPARTED" that are buried there. People were parking on top of gravesites, in front of tombstones, anywhere they please. Then there's the ill-mannered kids that jump and play on and around the headstones, Where are the parents??? Drinking beer at the formed campsites, sunbathing, playing horseshoes, at a cemetery?? My God!! I for one find this very upsetting and VERY WRONG!! I've heard names as to who said it was fine to have this out there, and if they are true, GOD help his soul...

My son and father are buried out there, and I tried to get into the cemetery last Friday afternoon, from the county road side, but couldn't due to all the traffic and campers. I had to go around to the Highway 52 side and come in that way, and this is what I found! Needless to say it totally pissed me off!!

Of all the other places in and around Chatfield, WHY does it have to be out at a cemetery?? This is a SACRILEGE to the Catholic church, and all that have family buried out there! I'm betting the bishop of the diocese has no idea this is going on at a cemetery, (but he will now), and if he did, he'd put an end to it real soon!!

As I said I'd really like to know who gave the OK for this, be it the cemetery board, the Western Days Committee or someone else. This person has no morals, and he/they seem to worship the almighty dollar and prestige and not the LORD above.

I'd like an answer to this printed in your paper, as I know for a fact I'm not the only one who feels this way about this event.

Karen Kloberdanz