I visited Neil Snider at Saint Marys Hospital on Sunday afternoon. I did most of the talking because he is on oxygen and also quite a lot of pain medication. I said that I was writing a letter to the editor (LTE) for the Chatfield News and asked him if he wanted to add anything. I reminded him of the good job he did a few years back when he wrote a LTE protesting the tearing down of the Chosen Valley Elementary School. (He had gathered 40 signatures and sent them to the administration office at the high school, but Superintendent Don Hainlen did not give the list to the school board.) I told him that I became very angry with Hainlen, but that he was gone now. (He no longer lives in Chatfield.)

I guess I wanted to thank Mr. Snider while he still remembers. Since he was at one time the owner and editor of the Chatfield News, I indirectly reminded him of the importance of freedom of speech. Without any preaching, such as: "The pen is mightier than the sword," I left with his nurse a copy of my recent LTE to the Rochester Post Bulletin. Perhaps a nurse will read it to him later.

The title of that LTE is: "Rochester City Council is ignoring the have-nots." The daily circulation of the Post Bulletin is 35,000, and people worldwide can access that letter on their computers.

But it is WE who must write it (and sign it) while we still can....and may....

Barbara Upton