Fountain's city council convened last Thursday evening, Jan. 2, for its first meeting of the year, establishing city designations for 2014 and hearing news that the new city tractor has been delivered and put into use.

After approving the consent agenda, the councilors agreed on the purchase of a new snow blower from Kingsley Mercantile in Harmony.

City Clerk Ronda Flattum reported that the audit report from Smith Schafer & Associates would be complete sometime in February.

Old business on the agenda included the matter of shingling the city building, specifically over some equipment being stored there. However, the council chose to put that issue on hold because Councilor Bryan Ostby was not present to share information about the project.

City designations for 2014 were determined, including First State Bank of Fountain as the official bank; the Fillmore County Journal as the official newspaper; Kelly Wagner as city attorney; Krage Insurance of Lanesboro as the city's insurer; McGhie & Betts as the city engineer; and Smith Schafer as the city auditor.

Appointments made by Mayor Richard Kujath did not change - Councilor Dave Gudmundson remained Fountain's weed inspector, Ostby as the park and recreation representative, Jim Schott and Chad Wangen as water and sewer department representatives, Gudmundson and Ostby in charge of city streets and Gudmundson as mayor pro-tem.

The planning and zoning committee appointments included Darrin Cambern for a one-year term, Dale Eppen for a two-year term, Duane Gilbertson for a three-year term, city maintenance worker John Hanson filling the vacant four-year term, and Schott serving as the committee's fifth member. Zoning committee members receive a $25 stipend for attending meetings.

The fire department's roster witnessed some changes as Hanson became chief, Elliot Riggott became assistant fire chief and Wayne Thomas will now serve as second assistant chief and secretary-treasurer.

The council reviewed the city's fee schedule, making only one change. A fee was previously listed for those who wish to maintain a kennel within the city, the councilors chose not to allow kennels in Fountain and eliminated the item on the fee schedule.

Finally, Flattum reported that the 2014 board of appeal and equalization hearing is set for April 21 through April 24 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Fillmore County Assessor's Office at the courthouse in Preston.