"They call me a 'Bunco babe'," said Chatfield resident Isy French, anticipating the annual Chatfield Chill Fest Bunco Event. The dice games will be held at the Thurber Building on Saturday, Jan. 26, rolling out the first play at 3 p.m.

French and some faithful Bunco friends are convening once again to toss the dice and mingle with other cabin fever sufferers who come out to celebrate Chatfield and January's chill.

She explained how she became bonkers for playing Bunco, saying, "We played it when we were in 4-H club as kids, and we started playing it around town when we got older, had some parties at the golf course."

French said she enjoys the game because one does not have to know a lot of rules and the game goes along pretty quickly.

Plus, she added, "It's fun, and it's a good way to get acquainted with a lot of people because you change tables a lot. You shake the dice, and the person at the head table shakes the trump...when the head table moves, everybody moves. It's a game for everyone - if you can shake dice, you can play."

She's pleased to point out that people ask for Bunco games. "It's something I wanted to do," French added. "There are people who come every year, and some of them even bring treats sometimes."

She assured everyone that there will be room for everybody. While she's not sure how many tables there will be, she said, "My Bunco suitcase is packed and ready to go."

There will be prizes for the winners, but she is not yet sure what they will be.

"People should come just to have fun, get out and meet people," she concluded. "We'll be playing for about two hours, until the chili supper at the Presbyterian church starts at 5...wouldn't want to miss that, either."

For more information on forming a Bunco battalion, call "Bunco babe" Isy French at (507) 867-4586.