Chatfield’s Ty VanSickel dominates Josh Graves of GMLOK. He won with a pin in 2:15.  SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS
Chatfield’s Ty VanSickel dominates Josh Graves of GMLOK. He won with a pin in 2:15. SAM CLEMENS/CHATFIELD NEWS
Chatfield took first place in the 12-team Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton Wolves Holiday Tournament Saturday.

The Gophers scored 195 points, well above second place Plainview-Elgin-Millville, which had 153 points. Dover-Eyota was third with 123 points.

The Gophers also competed in three duals last week, losing its first match of the season to Kenyon-Wanamingo. The team also beat Goodhue at K-W the same night and downed Grand Meadow/LeRoy-Ostrander/Kingsland in its only home meet of the season so far.

In the tournament, Ty VanSickle, Jake Mandt, Hank Friederichs, AJ Riley and Harvey Friederichs were champions.

The Gophers, 6-1 overall now, take a break until Jan. 4 when they are scheduled to compete at a tournament in Farmington.

Holiday tournament

106 - Trey VanSickle (9-4) placed third. He won by major decision (10-2) over Brenn Olsen (GMLOK) in the quarterfinal, lost 5-1 to Noah Bauer (Pine Island) in the semifinal and won by 11-7 decision over Michael Nelson (Dover-Eyota) in the third place match.

113 - Maleek Hussein (5-9) placed sixth. He won by fall in 0:46 over Colin Jorde (Dover-Eyota) in the consolation semifinal. In the fifth place match, he lost by fall in 5:59 to Morgen Moreno (Hayfield).

120 - Ty VanSickle (11-2) placed first while wrestling less than four minutes total as he pinned all three opponents. In the quarterfinal he won by fall in 0:46 over Brogan Kunz (Pine Island), in the semifinal he won by fall in 0:58 over Cole Rassmusen (Hayfield) and in the title match, he won by fall in 1:39 over Devin Stortz (Decorah).

126 - Jake Mandt (11-2) placed first as he won by fall in 0:33 over Michael Kohloff (Stewartville), won by major decision (9-1) over Sam Ebin (PEM) and won by fall in 0:57 over Dakota Welsh (D-E) in the title match.

132 - Tye Bentz (4-4) placed fourth, winning by 6-1 decision over Alex Fishbaugher (FCLMC), losing by fall in 0:43 to Mason Moreno (Hayfield) and losing a 6-1 decision Alex Higgins (Stewartville) in the third place match.

138 - Hank Friederichs (12-1) placed first, winning in the quarterfinal by fall in 0:48 over Justin Escobar (Irondale) in the semifinal by fall in 3:29 over Chase Pomeroy (Winona) and in the title match by fall in 3:59 over Ben Boynton (D-E).

145 - AJ Riley (9-1) placed first, winning by fall in 1:59 over Frankie Wingert (PEM), by fall in 1:35 over Thor Sandven (LaCrescent) and by 9-2 decision over Andy Love (FCLMC).

152 - Harvey Friederichs (13-0) placed first, winning by fall in 1:55 over Keaton Schaefer (Dover-Eyota), by fall in 1:48 over Adam Pleschourt (Pine Island) and by 4-3 decision over Connor Hanson (FCLMC).

160 - Alex Haffner (9-4) placed second, losing in the title match to Thomas Miller (PEM) in an 8-6 decision. He won by 10-7 decision over Josh Jones (FCLMC) and by 10-3 decision over Aaron Clark (Stewartville).

170 - Ethan Wright (5-6) placed sixth, winning by fall in 2:43 over Travis Capelle (Stewartville) and falling in the fifth place match by major decision (15-2) to Brenton Ring (PEM).

182 - Dalton Lundy (5-6) placed sixth, losing by fall in the first round of the championship to Jesus Fernandez (Hayfield), beating Kyle Hageman (Decorah) by fall in 3:22, and then losing to Fernandez again in the fifth place match by fall.

195 - Jayton Nisbit (4-5) didn't place.

220 - Jacob Bleess (7-6) placed second, winning by fall in 0:25 over Foster Zittel (Winona), winning by 4-1 decision over Wyatt Richardson (GMLOK) and losing to Zach Kennedy (Pine Island) by 7-6 decision in the title match.

285 - Logan Karver (5-9) placed sixth, winning by fall in 1:40 to Alex Aarsvold (Pine Island) to open, and then winning by fall in 2:55 over Broc Fiegel (GMLOK) 0-3 (fall 2:55) and by fall in 4:58 over teammate Ian Morrison in the consolation before losing the fifth place match to Kyle Lipkie (Stewartville). Morrison won by fall in 1:35 over Jacob Thomas (FCLMC) to advance.

Chatfield 58 Goodhue 15

106 - Trey Vansickle (C) pin 2:51 J. Allendorf (G); 113 - K. O'Reily (G) dec. 2-3 Maleek Hussein (C); 120 - Ty Vansickle (C) pin 5:31 J. Gadient (G); 126 - Jake Mandt (C) dec 3-1 B. O'Reilly (G); 132 - Ryan Meeker (C) dec 3-1 M. Lexvold (G); 138 - Hank Friederichs (C) pin 0:33 M. Huermann (G); 145 - A.J. Riley (C) MD 14-3 L. Breuer (G); 152 - Harvey Friederichs (C) pin 0:57 R. Huemann (G); 160 - Alex Haffner (C) pin 2:28 G. Luhman (G); 170 - Ethan Wright (C) pin 5:45 M. Deneen (G); 182 - C. Dahling (G) pin 0:55 Dalton Lundy (C); 195 - Jayton Nisbit (C) pin 1:50 Z. Scott (G); 220 - Jacob Bleess (C) pin 1:07 B. Ramboldt (G); 285 - J. Dahling (G) pin 0:50 Logan Karver (C).

K-W 35 Chatfield 27

106 - E. Cota (K-W) pin 1:39 Trey Vansickle (C); 113 B. Kish (K-W) pin 1:14 Maleek Hussein (C); 120 - Ty Vansickle (C) dec 8-5 J. Clawiter (K-W); 126 Jake Mandt (C) dec 5-0 M. Houglum (K-W); 132 - Ryan Meeker (C) dec 2-1 D. Craig (K-W); 138 - Hank Friederichs (C) dec 11-4 T. Androli (K-W); 145 - J. Clawiter (K-W) dec 4-7 A.J. Riley (C); 152 - Harvey Friederichs (C) pin 1:34 T. Brossard (K-W); 160 - Alex Haffner (C) dec 15-9 M. Stevenson (K-W); 170 - D. Sathrum (K-W) tf 4-19 Ethan Wright (C); 182 - L. Rechtzigel (K-W) pin 5:44 Dalton Lundy (C); 195 - B. Paquin (K-W) pin 3:01 Jayton Nisbit (C); 220 - Cody Bly (C) pin 1:33 A. Jackson (K-W); 285 - S. Donkers (K-W) dec 5-6 Jacob Bleess (C)

Chatfield 62, GMLOK 3

106 - Trey VanSickle (C) dec. Brenn Olson 9-2; 
113 - Maleek Hussein (C) won by forfeit; 
120 - Ty VanSickle (C) pinned Josh Graves 2:15; 
126 - Jake Mandt (C) won by forfeit; 
132 - Ryan Meeker (C) pinned Stephen Kassel 3:02; 
138 - Hank Friederichs (C) won by forfeit; 
145 - AJ Riley (C) maj. dec. Jace Bunne 9-1
; 152 - Harvey Friederichs (C) maj. dec. Parker Hale 11-2; 
160 - Alex Haffner (C) dec. Blake Olson 9-6; 
170 - Ethan Wright (C) dec. Sam Roe 5-2; 
182 - Dalton Lundy (C) dec. Brandon Turner 6-4; 
195 - Jayton Nisbit (C) won by forfeit; 
220 - Wyatt Richardson (GMLOK) dec. Jacob Bleess 3-1; 
285 - Logan Karver (C) pinned Broc Fiegel 5:07.